Clear Scan

Praise God for his continued kindness towards Amos and our family.

Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things,
things planned long ago.

Isaiah 25:1

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for continuing to walk with us on this road, upholding us in prayer and friendship. We are so thankful for the ways Amos is known and loved in this space. We praise God for you!

I promised an update so here’s a quick summary:

In May, Amos finished second grade and turned 9 years old. I know! What an amazing thing to say that he’s NINE years old. He celebrated his birthday with eight of his friends from school and Trail Life (both favorite places for him!) and it was extra special to see him surrounded by friends after all the transition of the last 6 years — but the last 2.5 especially. Moving to a new city and encountering a global pandemic has definitely made building community slower than we’d expected!

In June we marked the 6th year since his tumor was discovered, and we continue to be amazed at all God has done for Amos. He is miles away from what life should look like for him — for the better! Amos has come so far since those early days of paralysis after his initial surguries. We are acutely aware, especially in these milestones, of what the Lord has spared Amos and us from.

We also traveled to Duke last month for a round of tests and routine appointments, including a sleep study. This sleep study was meant to check on the sleep apnea concerns that have been present for a long while now. The tonsilectomy that Amos had last summer was aimed at addressing the problem and it did, but only partly. The central (i.e. brain-based) sleep apnea he has dealt with in the past seems to have come back. So at this point the plan is for Amos to begin using a CPap machine at night. Obviously, this isn’t very exciting in many ways, but we do think it could prove very beneficial to Amos. He’s mostly exhibiting hypopnia in his sleep (breath holding) and it wakes him up, disturbing his sleep cycles, and harming the restfulness of his nights. We see the results of that process in his day-to-day energy levels and endurance. We hope that better sleep will produce better stamina! We’re scheduled to get started with this new sleep arrangement in October. Please pray for Amos’s willingness to adjust to sleeping with a CPap as it’s not something most adults (or kids) enjoy.

Otherwise, Amos has had a fantastic summer! He was able to visit family in Iowa and Pennsylvania and our first family trip to the NC coast with dear friends was a delight. Amos and all the kids are growing so much and we love seeing their personalities and interests unfold. Amos loves to read. He’s working through the Swallows and Amazon’s series by Arthur Ransom. He also accomplished a major milestone by learning to swim with confidence this summer. We are grateful for the physical progress he’s making and see many more milestones and challenges up ahead.

Most of all we pray that this difficult road will serve as a signpost in Amos’s life, pointing him to Christ and the rescue he has already received from the greatest enemy of all — sin and death.

Thanks for praying with us and cheering Amos on!

Love in Christ,

Kelli, Will, Amos, Luke, Sam and Phoebe

16 thoughts on “Clear Scan

  1. So wonderful to hear of another clear scan, and an incredible 9th (what!!!) birthday. Will pray about CPAP – a pain, but hopefully something he will adjust to and benefit from. Lots of Cambridge love to you all xxx


  2. This is great news! I will continue to pray for Amos and all the Ross family. Thank you for the update.

    By the way, if you are in Iowa, think about coming to Minnesota to see us. We would love that!

    Ed Glenny


  3. It is such a joy to read your updates and to see the faithfulness of the Lord and also see you always bringing him glory. I haven’t kept up as faithfully as I should these last few years but it has been such a blessing to me each time I read. He looks so grown up! It is also really humbling for me to read about your issues with his sleep and energy levels and for me to realize that my boys’ seemingly unending energy is a blessing and a sign of health. Too often I see it as exhausting and overwhelming but I read things like this and realize I should be praising God for it. I just wanted you to know that you’ve brought me before the Lord today with a humble and thankful heart, which I needed. You are a blessing and I’m so thankful for your family and the testimony you are to the Lord and His love and grace. Blessings to all of you. Praying for you to build deep community! We’ve only been where we are for two years also and building community has been slower for us too. But the Lord is so faithful—I’m glad you’re seeing continued evidence of that. -Dezi

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  4. Praising God with you for his life and continued thriving.

    On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 3:06 PM Amos Ross Updates wrote:

    > kelliross103 posted: ” Praise God for his continued kindness towards Amos > and our family. Lord, you are my God;I will exalt you and praise your > name,for in perfect faithfulnessyou have done wonderful things,things > planned long ago. Isaiah 25:1 Dear friends and family” >


  5. Love this so much!! Praise God!! Somehow I have missed updates- so this is great news!!

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  6. It’s great to read of how well Amos is doing! We thank God for what He has done and continues to do. I can tell you that using a CPAP machine is a bit annoying, but it really does help someone with apnea to get good sleep.


  7. Great news!
    So happy to hear.

    Tom Kilgannon| President, Freedom Alliance
    22570 Markey Court, Suite 240| Dulles | Virginia| 20166 | CFC#10780
    703-444-7940 | Fax: 703-444-9893 |
    Twitter: @FreedomAlliance | Facebook: Freedom Alliance Fans


  8. Thanks once again for the post. It brought tears to my eyes reading all the situations Amos-and all of you-have been through. Being with you in Newton brought the whole situation even more “ real” since we spent a little while talking to each one and feel like we know you all a touch more🥰. We will pray for the success of the breathing machine and look forwRd, once again, for your next post🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. The pictures are so fun to look at. I couldn’t help but smile right along with all the kids😀😀😀

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  9. So thrilled for this wonderful news! Continued prayers for Amos and your family. May God’s never ending love surround you all . Enjoy the rest of your summer. 🥰


  10. Dear Kelli, Will, Amos, Luke, Sam, & Phoebe,

    Thanks be to God! And thank you, Kelli, for keeping us all current with what is happening in your lives–the pictures are great. But even better was seeing Will and the lads a few weeks ago. Next time, we hope that you and Phoebe will be able to join us.
    Much love from us all,


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