A Successful Surgery!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying! We are so thankful to report that Amos’s stoma closure went very well. So well in fact, that Will and Amos were discharged and able to come home last night rather than sometime today! We are so grateful to be together again and to have Amos on the mend. After so many surprises, delays, and unexplained complications concerning his airway over the years, it’s SUCH a blessing for this surgery to have gone so well and without complications. Praise God!!

For those curious as to why the stoma needed to be closed, we are most excited about the fact that Amos will have better breath support for speech. Imagine trying to take a deep breath and having some of the air leak out as you try to sing out or string together a long sentence. Several therapists are looking forward to seeing how this makes a difference for Amos in several areas but mostly in his progress with speech. We are also thankful to have the stoma closed as it reduces risk of infection and allows him to swim (once the site heals) without concerns for leakage into his lungs. I’m sure there are other reasons as well but these are what come to mind…All good things!

Thank you again for praying. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love in Christ,

Kelli, Will, Amos, Luke, Sam and Baby


9 thoughts on “A Successful Surgery!

  1. What good news!! We have friends who have a 7 yo nephew with the same type of tumor and undergoing the chemo side of treatment. We have often referred to Amos as a hopeful example of what God has done.


  2. Dear Kelli, Will, Amos, Lukey, & Sam,

    Thanks be to God! Another good step in this long (long!) journey. May the Lord’s mercies continue to be manifest in and through you all, and give us many good causes to rejoice with you in Christ.

    Much love from us all,



  3. Dear Ross Family,

    This is certainly something to celebrate with! We still pray for Amos’ recovery each night. We have never met. I received the flyer to pray for Amos the summer he got ill. Please keep us updated. My children, Michaela 9, and Riker 5, remember to pray for Amos every night before bed.

    Lydia Hsu


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