Day 6 Update

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for all the love and prayers. We have needed them and felt them! Today marks day 6 of Amos being in the hospital. Will has spent each day and night by Amos’s side and has done a fabulous job of caring for him while managing all that hospital life entails. We know these things all too well…it’s not an easy task and certainly not under the circumstances, which include being quarantined to one room for SIX whole days!!

As of today, Amos is doing very well though still recovering slowly. The RSV virus and the respiratory infection joined forces to pack quite a punch, causing almost a week of fevers and lots of breathing problems. We are thankful that Amos has been given the care he needed and that he’s doing so much better.  More than anything, this kind of illness just wears a kid out so he is going to be laying low for a good while yet. We do however hope to have him home tomorrow. Please pray that the doctors would agree to this as we feel ready to manage Amos’s care at home without hesitation and would love to be back together again. Please also pray for divine patience if this request is denied.

I have stayed home most of this time due to being sick myself (likely something similar to what Amos has had) and due to Luke not being allowed on the pediatric ward at the hospital. We miss our big boys!! We have all been intermittently sick the entire month of December and we are so ready to be well again. Please continue to pray for strength and health for each of us as we hope to be together again and have the chance to celebrate Christmas. Lastly, please also pray for the baby- he’s due on January 9th and we are not quite ready for him yet!

We hope you have all had a joyful Christmas.

With love because of Christ,

Kelli, Will, Amos, and Luke


7 thoughts on “Day 6 Update

  1. Dear Kelli, Will, Amos, Lucas, and [arriving c. 9 January],

    We are so sorry to hear that this has been a difficult holiday–being apart, not feeling well, Ross the Youngest on the way–you must be wondering “How long, O Lord?” And we have no answer to that question, merely the certainty that all things under the sun pass, but the Lord remains faithful and true, and his love never fails.

    May you find strength and the courage to persevere in hope now in these day’s of Christ’s Advent among us.

    Much love from us all to you all,



  2. I am truly sorry for these most recent illnesses and especially for Amos–Had not realized how sick he has been because I have had a virus for 3 going on 4 weeks–am up and about but this very stubborn–and I have not read emails.
    So more prayers and thoughts for all of you. And the expected arrival in January–You all have spiritual love and guidance and great courage. So many care about all of you and your parents–Love to all–Patsy


  3. Dear Kelli and Will,
    Please know we have been lifting your family up in prayer daily. Amos looks so good in this picture and is obviously headed in the right direction. We will pray that direction will be home tomorrow. Christmas isn’t just one day and we are certain that when your 2 big boys get home, your family will be celebrating Christmas for many days in many ways!!! Also, continued prayers for the baby to be that he is in no big hurry to arrive . God bless you all. Brenda and Tim


  4. After many days in the hospital with Hannah over the years with her breathing and pneumonia problems, and having other little ones at home during those times, plus carrying an almost 10 lb baby for one pregnancy , I have been lying here praying for you all and reliving some of what I went through- though not quite so serious and not so far from home.
    I am thankful you have Midgley people and others from Christ church Cambridge to minister to you at this time and thankful for Skype and texting that can make 6 days in isolation a little more tolerable🙄.
    The sermon we heard on Christmas with Gwen and fam in Florida spoke deeply.
    He came to give Himself ( in His Son ) away. One can say this by rote and not have it really sink in , but it sank into me in a new way this Christmas . All of my children are now “given away” to other states and countries,spouses and people where they presently live. God helped me through that sermon to give up one more bit ownership and the feeling that they have been TAKEN away. By grace through faith I join His love- mode with a heart more able to GIVE them away to the places where God has them right now. Prayers for you today!!
    Love nan


  5. Praying for all your health.

    Things over here deteriorate quickly. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, only darkness.





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