Our First Weekend Back in Cambridge

Dear Family and Friends,

We made it! As you might expect, the first four days were completely full and busy and left us completely unable to update you all until now. Add eight hours of jetlag into the mix and it’s been a doozy of a transition. Thank you for your patience and prayer in the meantime! Here is a brief overview of the past several days.

2015-09-28 16.45.45
Luke jamming on the plane

Our flight went very well, all things considered. Kelli and I had quite a task on our hands in LAX since apparently no handcarts are allowed past security. This meant that we had to push the stroller with both boys in it, plus carry along a rolling suitcase full of backup medical supplies (in case of lost luggage), a diaper bag, backpack, briefcase, tote bag with medical equipment in it for the plane, rolling oxygen compressor, and a canvass bag with twelve of the heaviest batteries in it (for the compressor). We were definitely sweating by the time we reached the gate.

Amos and Emma consulting the safety manual.

A special thanks goes to our CHOC pulmonologist. When we saw him the week before leaving he mentioned that it might be wise to have an oxygen compressor with us in-flight because of the altitude change. We thought it might be a bit much, but figured we should do it just in case. It meant adding a lot to our luggage (including the batteries). However, almost immediately after reaching cruising altitude, Amos’ blood oxygen level dropped into the low eighties … then seventies … and, as I was scrambling to get the oxygen machine working … the sixties. Thanks be to God, we got it set up and running and Amos was completely fine for the rest of the flight, most of which he slept through.

Some lovely friends from Christ Church Cambridge collected us from Heathrow and took us back to Cambridge. It was such a joy to walk into our own home again and find it decorated with “Welcome Home” streamers, balloons, and bunting to boot, plus care packages and flowers. We are so blessed by our community here. Sadly, Amos and I had to go to Addenbrooke’s only about two hours later (enough time for a shower).

2015-10-01 12.33.47
Going slightly stir crazy in hospital

Amos spent two nights in hospital getting acquainted with his new British medical team. It was a very full two and a half days for Kelli and I as we met doctor after therapist after nurse after consultant, etc. etc. Despite it being a bit sad to have to go to hospital so soon after arriving, we were very glad to have the medical team so centralized, well-informed, and prepared to meet Amos and get his treatment underway. We were discharged at about 7:00pm on Thursday night, despite some concern on the part of our doctors regarding Amos’ oxygen levels at night. However, Kelli and I decided it was better to be at home together, knowing the issues involved and how to handle them.

2015-10-02 09.59.47-2
Amos back in his playroom!

We have all been under one roof now for about two days and it has been so delightful. Amos has done fabulously at night with his oxygen levels, so it was the right choice, we think, to be discharged and come home. He has loved being in his own toy room, his own bed, and with little Luke. So many have already helped us make the transition easier by watching the boys, providing meals, or helping with errands, and we feel so loved.

Thank you to all who helped us make this transition back home!

As for upcoming plans, this week will be a big one. Amos will have a port put into his chest on Monday to allow for easy access to his blood for the chemotherapy. Depending on how this goes, he will get started with his first round this coming week. There will be four rounds, each twenty-one days apart, and which will involved three nights in hospital. As more details of how this will look become clear we will share them with you all in order to pray for us.

2015-10-02 12.14.03
Back in his reading chair.

Speaking of which, please pray:

  • that Luke, who immediately came down with a cold as soon as we landed in England, would feel better soon.
  • that Amos’ medical team would feel well introduced to Amos and prepared to begin his chemotherapy this week.
  • that Monday’s procedure would go perfectly and be very successful.
  • that we would continue to overcome jetlag.
  • that our upcoming week of chemotherapy would go well, that Amos would not have any adverse reactions to the agents involved, and that Kelli and I would not feel defeated as we witness him undergoing this first new treatment after it feels like we’ve “made it” in some ways simply by being home.

Thank you, dear friends.

Oh, save your people and bless your heritage! Be their shepherd and carry them forever. Psa 28:9

Love in Christ,

Will, Kelli, Amos, and Luke

10 thoughts on “Our First Weekend Back in Cambridge

  1. Praying for your transition. God bless Amos as he begins the next stage of treatment. I am sure you are all glad to be home.


  2. So glad you all made it back to Cambridge safely. We will definitely keep you in our prayers! That is an unbelieveable trip from CA to CAMBRIDGE!


  3. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    Thanks be to God for the Church of Christ, for the arms that embraced you, the legs and hands that helped carry you, and the hearts that prepared your home for your return. And thanks too, Lord, for a good place and folks to care for Amos.

    May this return, and all that it has entailed and will, be yet another means of the Lord’s mercy and protection in your lives.

    Peace in Christ, with love from us all.



  4. Whew, know you are so thankful to have that transition behind you! Praying that God will do immeasurably more then we can ask or hope for!


  5. And, of course, Will, prayers for you as you get back into the work in your program. May the Lord give you the quality time, concentration, and strength as you resume your studies on site.


  6. Will and Kelli, thank you for the precious prayer card you sent with Amos’ picture and for handling all these updates with so many other priorities in your lives. We continue to pray for all of you and the immediate needs of each day. Sending you our love. Tom and Lynne Tillett


  7. It is so good to read about your return trip home and all the friends that have helped you all return. We will hope for a good week as the next phase starts and will be anxious to read the next update whenever that comes. We are continuing to pray for all of you and are well aware of the power of prayer😀😀😀


  8. It warms my heart to see Amos right where he belongs, home!! Please know my thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this transition and beyond! Knowing you and your story have blessed my life and has given me fuel to do my job!! thank you


  9. Dear Will and Kelli,
    Thank you for your continual updates on Amos. We are so happy that you are on the other side of the pond, safe and sound. We continue to pray for you daily and will fervently lift you up in the days ahead with the onset of Amos’ chemo treatments. Your entire family has been a blessing to us all as we witness God’s hand in every detail of your lives. Continue to run the race in His strength. He has promised us all to never leave us nor forsake us. We love you dearly.
    Jim and Janet


  10. So happy to hear that you were able to make the trip back to Cambridge. It is amazing that Amos’ oxygen levels are improved out of the hospital. A testament to what being “home” will do for one’s soul:) God place a resting hand on you all and I pray that the next few weeks are strong for you all. Much love.


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