Goodbye California, Hello Cambridge

Dear friends and family,

Just a quick note on this last morning here in Dana Point, California. We have had another very busy week, full of preparation and finalizing logistics. Currently the car is packed up with lots (and lots) of luggage, things that we have accumulated over the last three months we have been here, medical supplies, stuffed animals, books, etc. etc. It has been quite a circus getting all this stuff organized and packed but we did it with lots of help.

Amos had his follow-up MRI to examine the results of his radiation treatments. Now, since the tumor was fully removed, this was mostly a routine action item, but still very important to determine that there was no recurrence of the cancer. Thanks be to God, the MRI looks very good according to Amos’ medical experts. There is still some internal swelling from the surgery, so pray that it recovers well. Secondly, Amos had his “Mickey button” installed. He has had a G-tube in his stomach for two months now, which allows him to have his formula meals directly put into his tummy. The Mickey button replaces that 9-inch G-tube dangling out of his tummy with a “button”-like valve that is nearly flat against his stomach, and which opens up to have a feeding tube attached to it. This is much easier and we are very glad to have had this done before we left.

One great highlight from this past week was Amos’ long-awaited fishing trip. As much as I hate to say it, I know more about neuro-oncology now than I do fishing. Fortunately, Grandpa and Gigi are old pros and knew just what to do – it was very educational! We headed down to the Dana Point harbor and cast our line. While we didn’t catch anything, we did get a few bites – and found a bright yellow bouncy baseball. All in all, Amos got some sun and definitely had a blast!

20150926_184427039_iOSAs things look now, we will probably head directly to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge when we pull into town. Amos needs to meet his new team of doctors and therapists, and the easiest way to do this is for him to be inpatient for a few days. We also need to replace our medial equipment with UK equivalents, and get appointments lined up for his first chemotherapy treatment. Please pray that we all stay patent and gracious with one another as we a very long journey directly into the hospital with two very jetlagged children and a truckload of luggage.

Specifically, please pray:

  • For safe travel to and from airports, and on the plane.
  • For a germ-free trip across the Atlantic, without any sick children as a result.
  • For a manageable flight, that Amos would have no medical problems in-flight, and that both boys would sleep.
  • That the logistics of switching medical teams would be worked out smoothly and successfully.
  • That the first installment of chemotherapy would be within the schedule laid out by his oncologist here, and that there would be no delays throughout its course.
  • That Kelli and I would be able to get our home life back in order to give the children as much structure and regularity as we can.
  • That Amos would continue to recover his strength and would heal completely and permanently, with no recurrence of the cancer.

Thank you, dear friends!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov. 3:5-6

Love in Christ,

Will, Kelli, Amos, and Lucas

8 thoughts on “Goodbye California, Hello Cambridge

  1. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    May the Lord give you safe travels and arrival, and a smooth medical and familial transition into your lives in Cambridge. (I must add that Amos is the best-equipped fisherman I have ever seen–better even than my dad!)

    We look forward to hearing all that the Lord continues to do in and among–and through–you.

    Much love from us all.



  2. Prayers are with you as you travel. As the sun comes up and a new day dawns keep blessing the Lord with 10,000 reasons for our hearts to sing. Bless you all The Gibsons

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Best of luck in your travels to England! Thinking of you and praying continuously for Amos’ health and your family’s strength. Hugs:)


  4. Hello William and kelly,

    I am so happy to read this update regarding the radiation treatments!! However, I wasn’t sure if you knew yet, but thought you would want too. Our daughter, Campbell, is a senior at Penn State. The Penn State community tragically lost a “canner” yesterday near the King of Prussia interchange when the car full of canners while on their way back to school were struck by a target truck. Talley, sophomore, died shortly after the accident. We are all in mourning. Our daughter, Campbell, declined that trip because she had a test on Tuesday. God have mercy on us all. If you like, I can send you Campbell’s email to us. ( I need your email though)

    Much love and prayers!




  5. May God’s Pace and blessings be yours! We used airborne and helped keep our colds at bay. Drink 30min. To an hr. As vitamins love the bugs from mouth, etc. Love, Goddards!


  6. We’ll be praying hard for a smooth return and transfer to Addenbrookes. Welcome back to Cambridge! I’m praising God for the amazing encouragement you’ve been to many people I’m sure (including me!) throughout this tough time,

    With love

    Katherine and family


  7. We have been with you all, on your journey for the last 3 months—-with constant prayers and thoughts coming your whole Family’s way. I just need to tell you now what an AMAZING
    Man, Family and couple we think you must be.
    We have been Friends your Grandparents Jerry and Patty, all of Scott and Steve and Kristi’s life.
    How proud your Family should ALL be for the FINE Man that I hear in your e-mails——I feel now I can talk about you as Parents—up till now all thoughts and prayers have gone to Amos.
    BLESS YOU and ALL your Family.
    Thoughts and prayers will cont—.SPECIAL HUGS TO AMOS!
    Love, Doris & Al Witzenburg


  8. My goodness, the Lord surely has brought your family through a lot, bore you with many new challenges and in so many ways reminded you (and all of us who care for and about you) that we so often make our plans but it is God who directs our steps. I thank God for the many ways your genuine faith has attested to His glory & loving kindness. What a witness to us and all the doctors, nurses, therapists and fellow patients. I can only imagine that your hearts have undergone immense testing during these long months but surely His promise stands true: that your faith, endurance, godliness and overall character will be made all the more unto the likeness of Christ – a great gift that has eternal significance and that will aid in your bearing this burden and others’, too, in the days to come. You’re on the mind and hearts of so many, dear Rosses, so continue to be encouraged as you’re reminded of that. Much love to you and many thanks to God for you.


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