Two Years

Yesterday marked two years since we sat in a waiting room at the Laguna Beach Mission Hospital’s emergency room waiting for the results of a CT scan that was ordered “just to rule it out”. Two years since the doctors came in and told us “there’s a tumor”. Two years since Amos had his first (of very many) ambulance rides on his way to CHOC for emergency brain surgery. Two years since we said goodbye as he went under anesthesia for the first time. Two years since we sat by his bedside wondering when he would wake and who we would find. Would it be Amos? Our sweet, smart, energetic, and talented little three year old? The short answer was “yes”. The long answer was “yes”.

For the first few weeks, though, he didn’t really wake up at all. Gradually, he could smile and raise a thumb. Over the weeks he began to return to us ever so slightly and little by little. It was the most painful and exciting thing that our hearts had ever known.

Two Years.

And now we see him. He’s our Amos, but he’s different. Older? yes. Stronger? definitely. He’s marked by the scars that have shaped him, the heaviness of what he doesn’t even know that he bears. He is willing and able to face each day with a smile. Sometimes with some grumps too. He is wise, kind, and he prays prayers like this one from the lunch table this past week,

“Dear Jesus, thank you that you know what death is like. And thank you for this food. Amen.”

He is a medical miracle in very real ways and we are forever grateful that the Lord has allowed him to remain with us. Some days are long and hard. Sometimes we wonder and we weep. And as much as we can, we rejoice in what the Lord has done and is doing in and through Amos.

These past two years have been the hardest imaginable but we have never been able to forget that the Lord is with us. His faithfulness endures through cancer, through paralysis, through feeding tubes, through radiation, chemotherapy, tracheostomies, eye surgeries, and sleep studies. The Lord has never allowed us to lose sight of His goodness and of his mighty hand of protection over Amos and our family. We are grateful. And still very stunned by all that has happened. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically we are working on recovering from the biggest trauma of our lives. It’s a slow crawl some days but more than anything I am grateful for the hope that we have in Christ and the love of his people that together carries us through.

Thank you for walking with us through these past two years. What an incredible gift to be loved, prayed for, and ministered to by so many different members of the body of Christ. Our prayer for Amos is that he would indeed grow to know the love of Jesus and the fellowship of the saints no matter what this world brings his way.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And we sure do love this boy. He is a warrior, a survivor, and a precious blessing to our family. What a gift to get to see him grow.

Here’s a picture of Amos from almost exactly two years ago.


And here’s a picture of Amos from last month, carrying out his duties as a ring bearer for the wedding of a friend.



27 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Dear Kelli. You don’t know me, but I’m a good friend of Jackie Gibson’s. I was her Teaching Assistant at The Perse Prep. I just wanted to say how thankful to God I am as I read of Amos ‘ progress. I feel a link with him as my son James was born on the same day – 6th of May – and same year. So we celebrate their birthdays simultaneously! I wonder if you gave birth at The Rosie, where James was born, or if you were elsewhere at the time. Anyway, my prayers are with you, Amos and your family… and I rejoice in Amos’ faith and the healing God has given him. My James has a growing trust in God too. In Christ, Tessa (Davies) Ps I attach a photo of James and his sister, Lucy.

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  2. What a handsome young man he is today. When two years of triumphs and anxious moments are put into a message it is amazing where you all are today. We all are so thankful that the Lord has been with Amos every step of the way and the rest of your family has had the prayers and concern of so many family members and friends-both in Cambridge and elsewhere. Thank you once again for taking a few minutes out of your day to keep us all up to date with his progress. We send hugs to Luke and Sam and prayers to all.

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  3. Dear Kelli, Will, Amos, Lukas, & Samuel,

    With hearts full (knowing that our hands are both weak and empty), we can say only, “Thanks be to God for all his mercies!”

    You and Will (and your parents) have been through far more than we can imagine, and so we do not try. We simply rejoice with you, send you trans-Atlantic hugs, and rejoice with a sober thanksgiving to the God of grace and mercy for his kindness toward you and Amos, and thus (in the unity of our lives in Christ and humanity) toward us all.

    May his mercies continue ever sure, ever firm to the end of all our days.

    We love you all very much.

    fred (for us all)

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  4. Y’all don’t know us. Jere Scott is our pastor in Auburn, AL. When he asked us to pray, we signed up for your emails and have been praying with and for you.

    This latest email brings me to my knees. Blessed be His name!

    Rejoicing with you! Sherri Givens


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  5. Your wonderful testimony is so reassuring to all of us….that we keep on going with the faith we have in our Savior. Continued prayers for your family….praying that God will continue to provide the things that you need every single day. Praising God with you on Amos’ remarkable recovery.

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  6. Dear Family in Christ,

    Yes rejoice we shall!! Thank you for such a great re-cap of the past two years. Our family has been praying for Amos non stop. He has the same birthday or one day apart as our daughter. We feel that we journeyed with Amos and watched him grow. We witnessed how you grew as a family in Christ. Please keep the updates coming from time to time. I know you are super busy with 3 boys. The updates lift our eyes to the Lord each time. We love you.

    Lydia Hsu

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  7. This made me cry. It also brought praises and thanks to God. You all HAVE been through SO much. It is a pleasure and honor to pray for you who have exhibited great trust and faith. I am ‘connected’ – by knowing Patty and Jerry, friends from Newton. May your faith, hope and trust never diminish. ❤️

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  8. Will and Kelly, I must say that you both are amazing parents. It is hard to sum up in words what you both have been through in the last two years. Yes, we know that little Amos has been put through more than one life time should require too. But you guys have held the ship together and steered it away from breaking upon the rocks! I am going to include Scott and Lisa here too because they have been steering the ship with you along the stormiest of the seas. Praise God for H
    is awesome mercy and His loving grace! You both have been tempered in a mighty way and will be able to now help others who encounter these similar seas. We are so very happy and hopeful for little Amos and deeply relieved that he is doing so well! Bill and Pam Findley

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  9. Amos remains in my heart, in my prayers, and on my refrigerator. Amos has made a profound change in my life also. (I am enjoying retirement to the max.)
    Love to your family!

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  10. Tears streaming as I read this. Thank you for letting us be witnesses to the Lord’s faithfulness in your life. So thankful that Amos is still with us and, unbeknownst to him, blessing many.

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  11. Your story has been a blessing in so many lives, allowing others to pray for Amos and to participate in his life through faith and prayer. Thank you for continuing to send updates and may God continue to hold Amos, and your family, in his hands.

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  12. A lump in the throat inducing story And a reason to give great thanks to our loving Heavenly Father.

    Amos the Warrior: Jesus the Saviour

    Wes and Lyn Gibson

    Xxxxx Sent from my iPhone


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  13. Thank you for this update – God is so good! You and your family have been such a great witness as to the strength and wisdom that God can give during such a grueling time. Ray and I only met you and Amos once at the birthday party you had in California for him. He has come a long way since then- love the updated picture of him. We will continue to pray for your whole family as you continue to heal from all that has happened.

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  14. I love seeing your updates. I can’t believe it has been 2 years. So happy the little guy is doing good. Prayers for Amos, and his beautiful family!

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  15. what a priviledge to have been on this road with you and getting to know the whole family. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.

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  16. That picture of Amos as a ringbearer is melting my heart!! I still remember my first few weeks with Amos at his bedside. He is a FIGHTER! I am so lucky to have met and played with such a BRIGHT 3 year old (seriously though, the boy says the funniest things!). He has changed me for the better. Sending a lot of hugs your way!

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