Welcome 2017 (please be kind)

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy 2017! We can’t believe that we are already one month into this new year. And what a year it has already been for our family! If you’ve followed our recent blog posts, you’ll remember our chaotic Christmas season, with Amos contracting a lung infection that threatened his December MRI trip, which he fought off, made the trip, got a great scan, traveled all the way back, and caught a nasty virus called RSV coupled with a lung infection that then landed him (and Will) in the hospital here in Cambridge for a week straight through Christmas weekend.

Flooring Chaos

As if that wasn’t enough, what we failed to mention is that while Amos was in the hospital, our kitchen floor flooded due to a slowly leaking valve that we hadn’t noticed. So that provided one more thing that we had to sort out as we attempted to celebrate a late Christmas and prepare for a new baby. Thankfully, we were able to celebrate a family Christmas and New Years at home together, but it was all admittedly a rough end to 2016.

Ringing in the new year, we began waiting for Samuel to make his appearance as we all continued to recover from various illnesses and rest up. Meanwhile, we also were busy trying to sort out alternate accommodations for a week while our kitchen floor was replaced, thanks to the flood. Whew! Needless to say, we were very relieved when Gigi and Grandpa (aka the Reinforcements) arrived to help out. It was impeccable timing, even though we never imagined they would get to Cambridge before Samuel 🙂

Welcoming Sam

Samuel Murray Ross was born at 12:33am on Sunday January 15th weighing 8lb9oz. He was six days late but we needed those extra days to prepare for his arrival! He was born at the Rosie Birth Center here in Cambridge after a fairly brief labor and my first water birth. We were so incredibly relieved to meet our newest little man. He is healthy and just the sweetest addition to our family. We continue to praise God for the gift of a healthy baby and mama!

A week into Samuel’s life, we moved out of our house and down the street so that our kitchen floor could be replaced just as Zazzy and Grandpop arrived for their visit and a chance to meet Samuel. They were able to spend time with us in that accommodation until things were finished and then we had help on hand to move back to our house. Currently, we are back in our own home and enjoying the chance to focus on just being a family of FIVE.

Another California Trip on Saturday

Coming up this weekend Will and Amos fly out to California once again. This trip involves an MRI as usual (on the 14th at 10am PST). But Amos will also have his airway scoped on this trip (on the 13th at a time to be determined), which will extend our stay by a day. The goal is to see whether his airway has recovered since August when we did the last scope. When that happened, we learned that the musculature in Amos’s airway was still weak and was blocking his breathing slightly while he was relaxed and asleep, which was causing apnea. The idea was to wait for several months and check again. If the scope this coming Tuesday goes well, then we will make arrangements for the following trip to CA (likely in May) to try to have the trach removed completely.

We covet your prayers for this trip, the MRI, the scope, and traveling health and safety. Please especially pray for health leading up to this weekend. Luke is currently suffering from what seems to be a fairly standard virus but one that we don’t want to see passed around through the family!

Thank you so much for your prayers. We are encouraged greatly by your comments and messages and continue to feel loved and blessed in many ways. The Lord is good and we continue to see His faithfulness prevail, no matter how crazy this life can be.

O LORD God of hosts, who is mighty as you are, O LORD, with your faithfulness all around you? Ps. 89:8

In Christ,

Will, Kelli, Amos, Luke, and Samuel

Biggest, Big, and Little Brothers
Our last picture as a family of 4
Lukey and Sam
Brothers…we have some work to do in terms of baby holding!
MY four boys
Meeting Samuel
Our newest edition
All three at 5 days – Amos, Luke, and Same (left to right)


15 thoughts on “Welcome 2017 (please be kind)

  1. Beautiful family! Wow what a whirlwind of activity 🙂 yet it is life like you said and the Lord is faithful through it all. Praying for you all and that the trip and testing will occur as planned and with favorable results! Love you all.

    Aunt Kris


  2. Thank you for the update. What a whirlwind you have had the last several weeks😊😊. We will pray for a successful trip to US and good news in your next post. Loved the pictures of all 3 and Mom and Dad also👏👏👏. Looks like Samuel fits right in and will soon be playing with Big and Biggest brothers. Will be waiting for a good report when everyone is together again. Prayers for all will continue.


  3. Praising the Lord with you for Samuel! Beautiful. God is good. Continuing in prayer for the travels and check-ins… and that you’ll have a season of the comfort of home, rhythm, and new babyness — love you all.


  4. Beautiful family! Congratulations on your newest member, Samuel. Our prayers that 2017 will bring you joy and health in abundance. God bless you all..


  5. Congratulations on the birth of your wonderful new son Samuel. All three boys are so adorable and I’m sure create their fair share of chaos. We will be praying that your family stays healthy and the trip to California gives very positive results.


  6. Kelli, he’s beautiful. I love all the pictures but the one with the Luke and Amos holding Sam is precious, and your comment very funny. Had me chuckle, and thought good luck, boys will be boys. Then the one of all three of them at the same age, how fun!! Congratulation to all, beautiful family. Will pray for health, safe travels and positive test results!!


  7. Oh, friend!! Man. I have thought of and prayed for you often and I didn’t even realize HOW chaotic things were! Unplanned construction in your home with a newborn…oh man! Praying things settle into a refreshing new normal with your 3 little guys!!


  8. Father we pray for protection over the entire family. Heal all illnesses and be the shield over them. Your gracious hands be covering Will and Amos as they travel. We pray for complete healing over Amos. Give strength and wisdom to Kelli and Will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Love you all, praying for you each night as a family.


  9. Congratulations on baby Samuel!! What a beautiful family and I loved the photos! I will be praying for your California trip. God bless you all, love Kristine (Sharon’s sister)


  10. Love the photos! What a beautiful family of 5! We’ll be praying for you all with the upcoming trip to California for MRI, etc.
    The Kerbers 😊


  11. Dear Kelli, Will, Amos, Lucas, & Samuel,

    You are all so lovely–thanks so much for the pictures. And you, Kelli, and Samuel are both safe and well.

    Thanks be to God for all his mercies, who has preserved you through these illnesses and your flood, bringing angels of mercy in your need.

    May those same mercies abound in your lives;
    May the Lord watch over and protect you,
    And may we all rejoice and be glad in him
    And in his work in and through you all our days
    And into eternity.

    And a Beatrix Potter onesie! (sp? Sorry, I’m a guy)

    Much love from us all; we can’t wait to meet Samuel in person–breakfast is calling.

    fred (for us all)


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