Good MRI Results

Dear friends and family,

It is about 11pm here in California, and many of you are in the middle of sleeping or just waking up. But I wanted to share the results from today’s MRI. Amos and I went in this morning around 10:00 for the scan, and were finished in record time. Amos handled it all like a champ and was brave and cooperative as usual. One very sweet moment came in the admission waiting area soon after we arrived, when Amos turned and said to me, “Daddy, CHOC is a good place.” There were many times today that I was teary-eyed and that was no exception. How right Amos is!

I just spoke with Dr. Loudon, Amos’s neurosurgeon. Even though he ended up having to be out of town today, he was willing and able to look at the scans remotely and evaluate the results for us. He and I just spent about a half hour on the phone discussing the MRI. 

The short version is that there is no change in the scan, which is excellent news! Praise God!

The slightly longer version is this: the two white spots of contrast on the scan from August do not show up in any of the prior scans. This was the concern that led us to do today’s follow-up so shortly afterwards, since Amos is in a window of high statistical recurrence. From what Dr. Loudon said tonight, it is actually very difficult to determine whether this is one spot or two, because the geography of the brain stem is very complicated and the spots are tiny. Regardless, the fact that there has been no change is very important for two reasons: First, there is no recurrence in any new places in Amos’s brain or spine, which is called metastasis, and which would raise a host of challenges. Second, there has been no change in the white spot(s). Although the fact that the spots(s) is there does raise concern, it is not sufficient to take any action beyond continued monitoring as usual. At the end of the day, Dr. Loudon feels that this result is about the best one we could have hoped for, and he is very happy with it. Amos will have another scan in 8-10 weeks here in California. 

Praise God! Thank you all for your prayers for me and Amos while we travel, and Kelli and Luke as they remained home in Cambridge. It has born us along during this tiring journey back for such a short stretch, and given us endurance and faith in facing this uncertainty. Pray for a safe return trip tomorrow evening starting at 5pm PST. 

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jef. 29:11

In Christ, 

Will, for the Ross family 

18 thoughts on “Good MRI Results

  1. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, Lucas, & ??,

    Thanks for sharing this good news! We rejoice with you.

    Patience, trust, safe travels, and a joyous reunion.

    Much love from us all,

    fred (for all)


  2. Rejoicing with you! I’ve been monitoring the weather in Cambridge (my heart is still there:) Cambridge is definitely in autumn mode. Enjoy all the apples! Blessings on your family.


  3. Glad to get the update. We will keep our prayers coming your way and
    Ok forward to more good news after the next scan. Have a safe trip back to Cambridge and enjoy your family. God Bless


  4. Tim and I were so happy to hear the great news regarding Amos!! Continued love and prayers for your family. 💕❤️😘


  5. Praise God for the good news on MRI! We have been thinking of you all, and praying. 🙏
    We so love the pics. of your beautiful family. 😊
    Love in Christ,
    The Kerbers


  6. Praise God for this update! So great to hear. But we will not stop praying for Amos, praying with faith and trust, knowing that the Lord God Almighty knows every single detail, and holds it all in his hands.

    Praying for a smooth trip back home to Cambridge again.

    With love,
    The Feichtmanns


  7. David and I are so happy to get this good news! Have been praying daily for this kind of outcome. God is so gracious to us! Thank you for sending the pictures! So very precious!!


  8. I’m so elated for Amos and your entire family! I met Amos, Luke and Kelli at Ruth’s office in Laguna Hills and I was blessed to have the pleasure of meeting them. He looks so happy and big! Hes such a cutie! We’ll continue to pray for his full recovery. May the LORD continue to bless you. Praying for traveling mercies.


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