California MRI Trip

Hello Friends and Family,

I’m writing from Cambridge while Will and Amos are somewhere in the sky making their way towards California. They set off this morning – one clearly much more excited than the other for the upcoming train ride to the airport (through PADDINGTON station, no less!) and following plane ride. Guess who?  Thankfully Amos is truly excited to fly and he’s also looking forward to seeing his Gigi and Grandpa and friends at CHOC on “picture day”. It is such a blessing that he can and does look forward to these things and we are very thankful for such circumstances. Seeing them off this morning wasn’t easy but we are praying for a sweet reunion on Wednesday.

Please pray for us in these next few days. Amos has his MRI at 11:30am PST on Monday and we will know the results of the scan that same day. For those who may have forgotten, Amos’ last MRI at the end of August showed two tiny spots that could be a recurrence of cancer. Monday’s scan will determine whether or not this is the case, looking for those same two spots to show change or growth – or to be completely gone. The days and weeks leading up to this scan have felt very heavy at times and we ask for prayer, knowing that the Lord knows the outcome even now. May we trust Him no matter what.

Please also pray…

-For Amos and Will’s travels to go well and for them both to stay healthy and as rested as possible.

-For Monday’s scan to show no recurrence of cancer whatsoever.

-For Luke and I as we get to spend some rare time together, just the two of us.

-For our hearts while we are not together as a family. That we would patiently wait on the Lord and trust Him with our family and with Amos’ future.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us along this difficult road. We are so blessed to have friends and family across many states and continents who encourage us to cling to the Lord with confidence, knowing that He watches over us at all times and most especially over His Amos.

In Christ,

Kelli, Will, Amos and Luke

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12 thoughts on “California MRI Trip

  1. Definitely praying for a safe flight and for the scans on Monday to provide clarity to any questions you may have. Love to you all from NC!


  2. Thanks for the update. Grandma Patty told us Will and Amos would be coming today and the test would be Monday. We will continue our prayers and look forward to good MRI results. The few days Kelli has with Luke will help you all while you are separated and they will have lots to tell Will and Amos when they get home. Keeping you all lifted up in prayer.


  3. Please know that we keep you all in our prayers! Praying for Amos and Will in CA and the outcome of the MRI. May the Lord give you rest in Him.


  4. You are in our prayers. I know the seperation doesn’t make it any easier. Will pray for a sweet Sabbath for all of you.


  5. You all are being lifted in prayer as we speak. We have a great and loving God who knows our every need. Your faith and trust in Him has healed your son. He is the great healer and He shows mercy to those who love Him. Our specific prayer request is that all signs of cancer will be gone! In His mighty name it shall be done!
    1Peter 5:6-7
    Psalm 30


  6. Dear Kelli, Will, Amos, & Lucas,

    We all knew that this was coming–thanks for the reminder, Kelli. May you and Luke enjoy your days together, and Will and Amos return soon, safely and well.

    Our prayers, good wishes, and love are with you all.

    Much love,

    fred (for us all)


  7. Kelli,

    I am praying for great news from Amos’ MRI! All of you are in my thoughts and prayers every day!



  8. Have been praying for you all today, especially for an ‘all-clear’ report. love in Christ, Joel and Sarah Dixon



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