A Valentine’s Weekend Update

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for continuing to pray for our family these past few weeks. We have had a lot of activity and a lot of good things develop. I’ll try to address them briefly so you know how to pray and give thanks to God.

Sleep Study Results

Many of you will want to know about the sleep study results. The long and short of it is that unfortunately Amos cannot get his trach out yet. The results of the study showed that he is breathing better while asleep with the trach open, rather than capped, by a decent margin. We are disappointed with this outcome, of course, but it is not the end of the line. The next step is to have Amos seen by the Ear/Nose/Throat team to check his airway with a scope and see what’s going on with the “obstructive apnea.” That should provide some guidance before another sleep study in a month or two. Lord willing, that will then allow the trach to come out!

Please pray that Amos’ throat and airway would continue to strengthen and improve so that the trach can be removed after the next sleep studyPray this process would occur as swiftly as possible.

MRI Results

We mentioned in an earlier post that Amos had to have a second/check-up MRI after the one in January. This was because our head oncologist noticed a spot on Amos’ spine that she wanted to check into more closely. The results thankfully showed that nothing has changed, which confirms what they have been telling us: it’s not an issue. It’s likely some nerves or another internal scar of some kind. Amos will continue to get routine MRI check-up scans on his head and spine every three months for the next year at least, and then from there somewhat less often, indefinitely.

Thank the Lord that the MRI results looked good, and pray for complete and permanent freedom from recurrence.


We also mentioned in the last post that we’ve been wrangling with visa and immigration issues. We hold UK student visas through the University of Cambridge, which give us access to the National Health Service (NHS). Because I have intermitted my studies for this academic year, though, normal UK immigration policy is for our visas to be revoked. It’s a huge hassle for us, since that means we will have to reapply for visas (at significant expense), which requires physically being in the US (which adds significant travel complications). As I mentioned, however, a friend from my research library had the brilliant idea of contacting his MP to see if he could take action on our part. Thankfully, at the moment, it is looking very positive that we will be allowed to keep our current visas! This would be a hugely simpler and more affordable scenario. We are just waiting for a final letter of confirmation from the UK Home Office.

Please pray that our visas would be allowed to remain active and that we would receive positive word about this soon.


Just another brief bit of good news. Amos’ hair is (very slowly) starting to grow back! This is most evident in his eyebrows at the moment. It’s a big encouragement for us all. Amos is also continuing to eat and drink happily, and is significantly improving with his walking and balance. Just this morning he was standing up on his own with his toy bat and ball, using it to play “golf” entirely on his own initiative.

Please continue to pray for Amos’ all-around recovery, physically. Pray that his speech, tongue movement, balance, core strength, eye movement and vision clarity, and hand strength would all continue to improve.

Weekend in Santa Barbara

20160205_233428890_iOSKelli and I had an extremely rare – and extremely needed – treat last weekend. We took two nights away by ourselves to Santa Barbara, which is about three hours north of here. Gigi and Grandpa were kind and capable enough to look after the boys for us while we got some well-needed alone time and rest. Many thanks also to the Longmans for generously hosting us while we were in town! It is an extremely beautiful area, and Kelli and I really enjoyed the city, beach, and mountains.

Praise God for the opportunity to rest and catch up after almost eight months of high-intensity life events.

Car Stuff

As a final note, just a request to pray for shrewdness and clarity, since the past week has seen a number of complications in our car. We’re thankful to have had this vehicle (and to the many people who donated this past summer to our fundraiser and made it possible, among many other things!). But it’s having expensive issues!

Please pray for a reasonable and affordable solution to our car’s mechanical issues.

Thanks for your faithfulness, friends.

But the LORD of hosts is exalted in justice, and the Holy God shows himself holy in righteousness. Isaiah 5:16.

Love in Christ,

The Ross Family

7 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Weekend Update

  1. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    Thanks so much for this newsy post–it’s great to see you all looking so well and so happy. (I guess that we rarely try to look unhappy for photos, do we?) And … eyebrows! This is v. exciting, and a great sign of Amos’s recovery from treatment.

    I am also so very glad that you had a few days “away away”, sans sons, sans hospital, sans … everything but each other. The gifts of God are v. good indeed.

    So we pray for many things, and we give thanks for many more, including you all, whom we hold in our hearts.

    Much love from our home to yours.

    fred (for all)

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  2. thank God for Amos’s continued progress toward a clean bill of health! And for the strength of your family in the face of this adversity! And thanks to uncle Dave for the broncos game ball!

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  3. What a journey you have been on! You are in my prayers today. I am here in Florida with Quinn and family! Here is a picture to follow

    Sent from my iPhone


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  4. So enjoyed seeing all the photos of everyone! What a beautiful family. Sending prayers and positive energy for continued improvement and removal of any obstacles that get in your way. Love, Aunt Patty P.S Happy Valentines Day!!

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