Still Waiting on Sleep Study Results and Another Prayer Request

Dear Friends and Family,

Just a very quick update here to say that there is no update on the sleep study. Although we thought we would hear about this last week, we have not. We are hoping to speak with the respiratory team some time soon, and when we do we will be sure to let you all know the results. Please keep praying that Amos will be able to have his trach out soon!

Also if you would, we have another specific prayer request. While I was in Cambridge two weeks ago a friend of mine from my research library (Tyndale House) had the bright idea of writing to his MP (“member of parliament”) on our behalf with a request to extend our visa coverage. MPs are kind of like our state representatives in that they can bring concerns to “higher-ups” and possibly take action on your behalf. We haven’t explained much about our visa situation recently, but basically because I have intermitted this academic year at Cambridge, our student visas will be suspended. If we want to go back to Cambridge this spring (which we do!), this will create complications with access to the national healthcare system (which we need). Although we are in the process of finding work-arounds (namely, private healthcare in the UK, which has its own complications), it would be a hugely easier and much cheaper scenario if we could simply keep our visas. Hopefully that is what this particular MP will be able to pursue for us.

So: please pray that some action would be possible in order to maintain our current visa status without any lapse.

Meantime, Amos continues to do very well. So well that we were able to go back to the San Diego Zoo this past Saturday. This was a very special trip for us all. We took Amos to the zoo on Father’s Day, last June, just four days before he was admitted to CHOC and all of this began. I cannot tell you how much we talked about “going back to the zoo” throughout the eleven weeks that Amos was in the hospital over the summer for radiation and therapy. It was a big motivation for him! Although we didn’t anticipate being here in the States to actually do it, it was such an amazing blessing to be able to take our little Amos back to that Zoo with his brother and have him walking around, talking about the animals, and enjoying himself immensely. Praise God for his faithfulness! He is answering our prayers.

With love in Him,

The Ross Family

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Ps. 27:14

Also, pictures (click to enlarge):

6 thoughts on “Still Waiting on Sleep Study Results and Another Prayer Request

  1. Dear friends,

    Thanks so much for sharing this update, including the splendid pictures!

    Take it as encouragement that, when we were having some major issues with the UK bureaucracy, it was precisely our MP’s intervention that played a key part in the resolution. It sped things up tremendously, and we only wish we had contacted him earlier. I’m sure it’ll go well with you guys, too.

    Yours ever,

    the Maliks



  2. Love the pics and will continue to pray for all of you. I still have a few connections in the UK if you still need help getting visa info sorted.


  3. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    What a great day at the zoo! And you got to bring home some, too, judging by the sleepy boys picture.

    Perhaps that OT idiom, to “find favour in the eyes of” applies to your prayer request—favour in the eyes of the MP, favour in the eyes of whoever (and whenever, and in whatever office) makes such decisions; may we all be astonished with delight at the Lord’s work on your behalf (and thus on ours).

    Thanks again for keeping us posted–no small task in the midst of such full lives.

    Much love from our home to yours (but no eggs, alas: The Girls refuse to leave the coop until the snow is gone and have stopped laying, just as we were getting used to having fresh eggs again).



  4. Thx for the update. Also enjoyed the pictures and seeing the boys (of all ages)at the Zoo. We will continue to pray for all of you and hopefully the Visa situation will work out. Will wait for the “sleep study ” results.


  5. Awwwww. Love seeing all of you together and having fun at the zoo. Amos has always loved animals. I’ll pray for the sleep study results to come in, and soon!


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