Stateside Again

Dear Friends,
 Thank you for your prayers these past days. We made it safely back to California after (another) long flight and Amos is doing well, as is little brother Luke.
We are thankful for the many ways that our decision to put life in Cambridge on hold once more and return to CHOC has been confirmed. We are abundantly grateful for the ways that the Lord is clearly leading and guiding Amos and our family through this difficult season.
 It’s been an unbelievably busy transition for us. In just three days we have managed to get an apartment close to the hospital, buy a car, and move in to our new but temporary life here! Special thanks to Gigi and Grandpa who facilitated both things, and a HUGE word of thanks to so many of you who donated to Amos’ fundraiser over the summer. That money has already taken us a long way in terms of medical equipment and related expenses, and it is a major part of why we are able to make this trip back to California to get Amos some of the best care in the world. Thank you!!!
We’ve been zombies in a very real sense – but active zombies nonetheless! The boys have both been such troopers amidst all of the change and chaos that we’ve had to endure together. We have had lots of tough moments but overall, I think we are surviving (though a little more sleep would help!).
 Today Amos was admitted at CHOC and we had a full day of getting reoriented. Just to refresh, we returned specifically for the course of Amos’ chemotherapy treatment, which will run through December assuming there are no delays. It was encouraging to see Amos get excited about going back to CHOC and seeing his friends there – he started talking excitedly about his room on the 5th floor soon after we arrived! We took that as a sign of a good decision.
After some happy reunions we got down to business. Amos got a port today, which is an internal line that will be used for his chemotherapy infusions and for blood draws. So from now on he shouldn’t have to get poked for blood work or fluids! The port will serve both purposes. We are thankful for this step as it means that Amos can start chemo immediately. He will get his first infusion tonight and over the course of the next few days he will receive all the components of his first chemotherapy treatment. It feels like a victory just to make it to this point after all the upheaval of these last few weeks but we know that for Amos, the battle is just beginning. Please pray for him, that his body would tolerate the drugs well and that his side effects would be minimal. Please also pray for his spirits to remain high, for high quality sleep, and that he would be able to understand in the simplest of ways why he has to do this.
 We expect to be in the hospital for the rest of this week and possibly discharge over the weekend. Please pray that
  • Tonight’s infusion would go very well with minimal disruptions.
  • We continue to settle into life here again and cope with Amos’ treatment in the coming months.
  • Amos would have minimal side effects from the chemo that would become setbacks in his recovery.
  • That Amos would return to England without the trach!
  • That Amos’ balance, speech, and vision would improve greatly with the therapy available here.
  • We will recover from jet lag and be able to sleep through the nights.
  • We would continue to trust the Lord and look to him for our strength. We are very conscious of His care for us in all of this but we cannot see what the next minute, hour, or day might bring. May we trust Him to remain our faithful Father as we watch Amos go through this necessary evil.
“Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father;
there is no shadow of turning with thee;
thou changest not, thy compassions, they fail not;
as thou hast been thou forever will be.
Great is thy faithfulness! Great is thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
all I have needed thy hand hath provided;
great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”
Thank you for praying!
Kelli, Will, Amos and Luke

8 thoughts on “Stateside Again

  1. So glad you have returned to Amos’s familiar surroundings. The Lord is certainly at the helm. Praying down the list tonight. I hope the infusion goes as we’ll as can possibly be. Your all in my heart and my prayers.


  2. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos,& Lucas,

    It’s good to hear that you are safely in CA, have a place to settle into (even as sojourners), and that Amos and Lucas are coping with all of this chaos.

    Lord, give us faith to trust you as little children trust their parents.

    May the Lord grant you all the strength that comes from knowing his peace.

    Much love from our home to yours.



  3. You precious people! My heart goes out to you and I’m praying and believing God for many miracles for all of you. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning! Great is your faithfulness O God!



  4. "don’t worry about tomorrow for today has troubles enough of its own." scripture verse I try to live. God bless    Jane 


  5. Sorry your visit to Cambridge was so short. I think the decision to return was a good one. I am so very sorry you all have gone through so much, thank goodness you have your faith to sustain you all.
    I continue to pray for Amos, I am hopeful that the Chemo goes well without too many side effects.
    I look forward to visiting you all in June in Cambridge.
    Lots of love, Eva xoxo


  6. I am sure it was a tough decision to return to California. I think I might have done the same thing! It will be great to have family around you though and we will all continue to pray. Love to all, Ros


  7. Love to you all and so glad you are in such good care for Amos. Prayers always and please give Amos Smooches from Aunt Patti & Uncle Chuck.


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