Saturday, August 1st Amos Update #36

Dear friends,

It was an excellent day of rest for Amos today. Kelli spent the night in the hospital and was so pleasantly surprised by how nice a quiet morning in the room was, compared with our new routine of an early trip across the road for radiation. Kelli and Amos got to sit together in the big chair in our room for a while and get some good snuggle time in, and read a story. What a valuable thing, simply to hold your own child in your arms when he is ill. It was obvious how Amos loved every second of it. He also got to see River again this morning, who is the friendly yellow lab that comes to visit on weekends. 

I got up to the hospital by noon, and shortly afterwards Grandpa came for an afternoon with Amos so that Kelli and I could have the afternoon together. From all reports it sounds like the two of them had a grand old time together, and tonight Gigi will be with Amos overnight. It is such a blessing to have relief supplied by the grandparents so that Kelli and I can debrief from our full-court press weeks. Thank you! It is such a pleasure to simply go on a walk together (with Lukey), have dinner out, and talk. We even took Luke down to the ocean today to dip his toes in – we have been here well over a month now and it is only the second time we have done that, with everything that has unfolded.

Please keep praying:

  • That Amos would continue to rest well this weekend and be ready for week 2 of radiation
  • That the the radiation would be perfectly effective and have no lasting negative side effects
  • That Amos would emerge from treatment completely and permanently cancer free
  • That Amos would see the end of posterior fossa syndrome soon
  • That his vocal chords, and cough and gag reflexes would return to perfect working order soon
  • That Amos would continue to make great strides in therapy
  • For patience, endurance, and faith as we all continue each day

The Lord takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation. Ps. 149:4

Love in Christ,

Will, Kelli, Amos, and Luke

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