Sunday, July 26 Amos Update #30

Today was another quiet weekend day for Amos. Although none of Amos’ usual therapists were around because it is Sunday, that gave us more time to interact with him more intimately throughout the day, with fewer interruptions. This consisted mostly of reading stories, looking at pictures, and playing for a little while on Amos’ mat on the floor. We set up a nice spot on the ground, and Amos gets to use some fun toys and instruments. Today we had Amos use his Iowa Hawkeyes baseball bat and ball, and he got a few good swings in at the ball as it was balanced on Grandpa’s hand for him. We also had a team of volunteers from Pimco come in and decorate our room with Cars paraphernalia, which Amos really loves. Another major activity of the day was getting his first real bath in a bathtub for over a month, with the help of a special bath chair and our helpful nurse!

The activity wears Amos out quickly, so he has been taking short naps more frequently, and getting more continuous sleep through the night. Although at the time we were frustrated and somewhat disappointed that the first radiation mapping procedure had to be redone due to his internal swelling, in retrospect we are actually somewhat glad for it. Amos got an extra week to rest and recover from all his procedures, and begin these valuable therapy sessions. We have seen him make some great progress even in just one week, so we are very thankful!

Before our prayer requests, I want to mention that we are not clear at this point when Amos will be fully discharged. Because the posterior fossa syndrome could disappear any day (week, month), it is a matter of waiting until we see that happen. And until that occurs we don’t know where Amos is, physically and cognitively speaking, since the characteristic feature of the syndrome is to suppress those faculties. His limited eye movement, lack of vocal chord activity, missing cough and gag reflex, and so on, all could be tied to the syndrome and therefore come back quite quickly when it passes. So, we are here in the oncology unit until further developments.

The biggest matter before us now is, of course, the radiation treatment, which begins tomorrow morning at 7:30am PST. Amos will receive treatment every weekday morning for six weeks straight. Each afternoon, he will get physical, speech, and occupational therapy – so it will be very taxing for him. Especially considering how draining radiation is on its own.

Please pray:

– That the posterior fossa syndrome would pass quickly and Amos would regain a large portion of his motor and cognitive skills both before and after that happens
– That the preparations for Amos’ radiation treatment will have been made with great expertise and accuracy
– That tomorrow’s initial radiation treatment would go very well and set a positive course for our coming six weeks
– That Amos would be able to rest well and retain strength for each day’s treatment and therapy, and make great progress each day throughout the treatment
– That, ultimately, the radiation would be fully effective and have no negative long-term side-effects for Amos
– That we all would be patient as we repeatedly bring our requests before the Lord and await his answers

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. Gal 6:14

In Christ,

Will, Kelli, Amos and Lukey

6 thoughts on “Sunday, July 26 Amos Update #30

  1. Thanks again for the updates. It is encouraging to hear of your steadfast trust in our great God and of God’s blessing in the progress Amos is making. Continuing to pray for you all and especially for my buddy Amos.

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  2. I am praying with thanksgiving for God’s evident hand and the small victories thus far and asking Him for great precision and success in this first radiation treatment. Asking the Holy Spirit to encourage you all specifically this week and to sustain sweet Amos and you all!

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  3. As I read the daily updates regarding Amos, I pray for the specific requests…I listen to the music you post…& I cry out to God on Amos’s behalf. I lift you up to our Lord & Savior, Jesus the Christ. Much Love & prayers.
    Your sister in Christ,

    My Bible verse I read today in my devotions said…“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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  4. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    Thanks for reporting on what must feel like a quiet day–what a blessing to have time simply to be together; this redefines Sabbath rest. May you have many such opportunities, and may you find strength in each rest that the Lord offers.

    Peace in Christ; we miss you and look forward to seeing you all again.



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