Saturday, July 25 Amos Update #29

Hi Friends,

Today has been a quiet day here so there’s not too much to report. I got to spend the day with Amos and he was calm and seemed happy to chat, sing, read, and participate in some therapy. We had a new therapist come today – the pet therapist! She brought, River, a big friendly yellow lab in to see Amos. We were both delighted to see a friendly, furry face!

Amos continues to look more and more like himself and respond in ways that reassure us that he’s still our Amos. We love him so much. Thank you for all of your continued comments, emails, cards, etc. We read them/show them to Amos and he seems to really enjoy hearing from all of you.

Weekends are quiet at the hospital and I think Amos appreciates the rest after his long week of therapy. I am so thankful that Amos had this extra week of rest and therapy before radiation. Please keep the following in prayer as we look ahead. We are particularly hopeful and prayerful that the posterior fossa syndrome would pass very soon!

-For Amos to continue to grow stronger and to recover his cough and gag, and vocal chords.
-For Amos to come out of the posterior fossa syndrome soon, even this week.
-For radiation to be a complete success and for Amos to be completely cancer free forever.
-For us all to trust the Lord as we look ahead to this week and starting radiation. May we not be anxious and may Amos have no lasting side effects.
-For Will and I to know how to talk to Amos about all that has happened and is happening.
-For patience and kindness for all of us as we interact with one another.
-For Amos to come out of this with a strong faith, confident in the great love and care that Jesus has for him.

Thank you. We can’t say it enough.

“For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.”

Malachi 3:6

-Kelli, Will, Amos, and Luke

2 thoughts on “Saturday, July 25 Amos Update #29

  1. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    This sounds like a delightful day–far more delight than you or Amos knew just a few short weeks ago; perhaps it’s like a day in spring when the chill of winter is not quite gone, but robins are bobbing along, tulips and daffs are in bloom, and you can feel everything waking up and coming back to life. And now what is coming back–resurrecting, if you will–is Amos, and your relationship with him, as it changes from your merely *being* together to your being *together*–he and you–in these moments of sunshine after rain, of light after clouds.

    Thanks for sharing even such little things (which aren’t really little); may their numbers, and your delight, increase.

    Love and prayers from us all,

    fred (for all)


  2. May God continue to heal little Amos and comfort all of you during this difficult time!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!


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