June Updates & MRI Next Week

Hello Friends and Family!

What an odd, difficult, and full-of-surprises period of history we are living through. We truly do hope and pray that you are all well and that you’re weathering these days healthy and held fast in the confidence that our hope rests in Christ alone and not in the things of this world. It’s been too long since we last updated so I’ll give a few brief highlights from the last several months:

  1. The most significant news for this audience is that Amos turned 8 YEARS OLD on May 6th! We are abundantly grateful for such a milestone and even though our celebration looked a bit quieter than we might have hoped, we know that Amos felt loved and celebrated! He’s turning into quite an avid reader and joke-teller, among other things. We love to see him growing in his academic pursuits and personal interests as well. Amos enjoys riding his bike, exploring in the backyard with his brothers, playing baseball, and reading cookbooks!
  2. Some kind friends from church graciously let us stay in their mountain cabin last month and we had such a great time! I’m sure many of you can relate to the relief aย  change of scenery brings after so many long weeks in lockdown. What a blessing! The boys loved hiking, fishing, kayaking, and swimming in the lake. A favorite memory was roasting marshmallows and seeing Phoebe encounter and conquer her first flight of stairs in record time!
  3. Speaking of Phoebe, she’s nearly 10 months old, maybe only days away from taking her first steps, and an overall delight. She has kept us busy and smiling through the sometimes bumpy, disappointing, and sobering days of these last 3 months. Her joy is contagious and we are so thankful for her! She’s a special favorite among her brothers…and we have a feeling she’ll be ordering them around just as soon as she can!
  4. We are moving house! This is a daunting but exciting project for our summer and we are very thankful for the Lord’s provision of a new home. We’ll be moving down the road — still close to Will’s work and to church — and into a home that we hope and pray will bring about a new season of growth and memory-making. We realized that over the last 10 years of marriage, we’ve never been in a home that we didn’t know we’d be leaving in a few years…so it will be such a blessing to get to settle in for (hopefully!) a longer stretch, Lord willing.

Those are just a few snippets of what’s new with us. Please do respond and let us know how you are doing! We love hearing from our readers!

Looking Ahead…

Amos has an whole slew of appointments at Duke Children’s Hospital coming up on Monday, June 15 and lasting through Wednesday the 17th, just this next week! We would appreciate your prayers as we navigate all the new Covid-19 regulations and as Amos sits through 11 appointments over the course of 3 days. Nearly all are routine but we’ve thrown in a sleep study and a few other appointments just to check up on big picture items.

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray that the MRI on Wednesday, the 17th shows no recurrence of cancer.

2. Please pray that the sleep study would be ACCURATE and helpful. We are seeing some sleep disruptions for Amos and would love some clarity on what and why this is happening. Sleep is still very important for Amos!

3. Please pray for continued protection from Covid-19 for all of us as we aren’t really clear on what kind of risk this virus poses for Amos.

4. Please pray for our hearts as we sit through these appointments and wait for results. Also for our hearts as we approach the five year anniversary of Amos’s brain tumor diagnosis. We can barely wrap our minds around the gracious goodness of what God has done. Please pray that we would find special ways to mark this milestone even during these corona times.

Grace and Peace to all of you! With Love,

The Ross Family

Kelli, Will, Amos (8), Luke (nearly 6!), Sam (3) and Phoebe (10m)

And now for some pictures!


7 thoughts on “June Updates & MRI Next Week

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos, and I just can’t believe Amos is 8 and looks so grown up!! Huge amounts of love to you all and I will be praying about hospital visits and moving and family life in general! Blessings, Katherine xxx


  2. those photos gave me the biggest smile since March…and my heart swells with joy… Prayers coming your way…. Always.


  3. Thanks so much for the update and pics. How the children are growing. I will be in prayer for Amos, drs., family and a good report. God is sovereign and how we thank Him for that.


  4. Love hearing and seeing updates of the Ross crew! What a testament you all are to the grace and hope our Lord provides. Thank you and of course prayers! Lots of love from the Arthurs.


  5. Glad to hear all of your updates. The pictures are wonderful!!! Will pray for Amos and WISDOM for the Drs!!! Moving is a pain….hope all goes well! At least you are not moving across country!


  6. Thank you once again for the updates and pictures. Was the fish a keeper? We definitely will keep Amos and the Ross family in our prayers and look forwRd to the next post and pictures. Phoebe sounds like she is ready to keep her three brothers in line๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. We so appreciate your posts that you take time out of your busy life to send and hopefully you will all stay healthy during this time of uncertain issues. We spent some time last evening doing one of our favorite things and that is enjoying some ice cream with Grandma Patty and Grandpa Jerry. Until next post๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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