MRI on Monday & Brief Update

Dear prayer family,

The Lord is faithful! We have been settling into life here in Charlotte slowly but surely. One big aspect of that process was the safe arrival of our belongings from England two weeks ago. Thanks for your prayers! Additionally, I (Will) finished my first class already, which was a two-week intensive Hebrew course. It was definitely intense but overall went well.

More importantly, Kelli and Amos will be leaving tomorrow for just two nights to head to California for the next MRI follow-up. The scan is on Monday at 1:00pm (PST). In addition to the scan, Amos will also see his eye doctor for a standard follow-up to check on his prism lenses.

Please pray:

  • For a safe trip without any delays
  • For clear and stable MRI results
  • That we would continue to iron out Amos’s medical team here in NC

We will let you know how things went as soon as we can.

Blessings from the Ross Family!

Will, Kelli, Amos, Lucas, and Sam


3 thoughts on “MRI on Monday & Brief Update

  1. Will look forward to a good report from all areas. Thanks, again, for your updates and will continue our positive thoughts and prayers.

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  2. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, Lukey, & Sam,

    Settling in sounds good (although we wish that you were closer); I’m sure that your students most blessed to be in class with you.

    Safe travels, a good grand-parently visit, and may we rejoice in good news from this MRI and eye test.

    Best wishes in Christ, with much love from us all to you all.



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