A Golden Birthday

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello! Once again, it’s been a while since we’ve updated and that’s a fact I can’t pass over quickly because it means that life has been stable and that Amos is doing well. What a gift! While I always intend to write more often, these stretches in between updates remind me of the great blessing of being able to carry on with “business as usual” – something we longed for so much when Amos was at the peak of his battle.  Now our “business as usual” includes lots of therapy, occasional doctors appointments, and the daily challenge of seeing Amos struggle to do things that come easily to most other children his age. BUT our “business as usual” also looks like time together, learning together, growing together, and enjoying the abilities and opportunities that we do have because of all that God has given us- things that we try not to take for granted. I think I am learning that no matter where God leads us there is always more room for gratitude rooted in God’s faithfulness rather than sorrow over lost things that we were never promised to begin with. In a much bigger way, God continues to show His loving kindness towards Amos and our family in these daily mercies.

One very recent and most notable kindness was the chance to celebrate Amos’s 6th birthday on May 6th! We are so amazingly thankful to get to celebrate another birthday with our biggest little man. He’s such a joy and we continue to delight in seeing him grow in strength and character. May he continue to grow in his love for God and for others! Amos’s birthday party turned into quite the event when an inquiring email to the fire station resulted in the Cambridge Fire Station’s Black Watch Officers hosting the most amazing event at the fire station- complete with “fire kits” (costumes) for all the kids, spraying the hoses, checking out the engines, and seeing “Fireman Sam” (a British cartoon character) bring in the birthday cake. What a VERY special day for Amos and a huge blessing for us to see the station go above and beyond to celebrate Amos. The whole day was full of awesome surprises and an amazing memory for all of us. Amos was over the moon! Special thanks to the Cambridge Fire Station for showing such kindness.

Another recent development is that Amos has finally begun his growth hormone replacement therapy. This is done by giving him a shot of growth hormone each day with the idea that somewhere in the 3-6 month range from now, his growth will start to trend closer to his percentiles pre-diagnosis. Growth Hormone also helps regulate other important functions so we’re happy that he’s started this and would appreciate prayer for no negative side effects. We don’t expect serious side affects any but the decision process for starting this wasn’t easy! Thankfully we got clear results that this is the right move for Amos. We also were thrilled to realize that the needle used for this daily shot is so small that you can barely feel it. Will and I got to test out on ourselves several of the different devices that Amos could choose from and we were REALLY excited to realize that you basically can’t feel it – at all. This is so huge because the only other experience we’ve had with daily injections for Amos was during chemo and involved nearly nightly meltdowns all around. So a huge praise that this experience is much, much different!

As we look ahead to the summer, we’ve got a lot coming up but most notably, Will is in the process of trying to wrap up his first draft of the dissertation that he’s been working on here at Cambridge. Did anyone forget that he’s doing that?! God has gifted him with an incredible amount of juggling skills…metaphorically speaking though he’s not too bad literally either! Please would you pray for Will as he tries to focus on his work and do a good job? We are very grateful and frankly shocked at times to still be doing this PhD thing. It’s a privilege and a lot of hard work!

Coming up, Amos will have an MRI and another eye surgery in California towards the end of July. We are hopeful that the eye surgery will really improve Amos’s use of his eyes, which is not great at the moment. Please pray for diligence as we try to help Amos with all of his therapies. We know that it’s a slow and steady journey towards progress but sometimes it just feels … slow. Please help us to trust God for Amos’s development and skills. Pray for Will and I to balance making sure Amos is challenged to work hard with making sure he knows he is loved and appreciated regardless of his abilities. We are incredibly grateful that we get to parent all three of our boys and we thank the Lord for the good gift of each of them!

Thank you for reading this far, following along, and most importantly for praying! We are so thankful for you!

“Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.” Psalm 119:89-90


Kelli, Will, Amos, Luke, and Sam

Here are some pictures of the birthday party from earlier this month. Special Memories!

Everyone getting “kitted up” for the party!


A special ride for the Birthday Boy!
The Firemen were so fun and did such a great job explaining what it’s like to be a fireman


Amos and Luke got to go up in the “Multi-star”, what we know as the Lift.
So high!


The whole gang
Luke’s face!


a very large birthday cake…


Fireman Sam surprised Amos with his cake!

15 thoughts on “A Golden Birthday

  1. What a wonderful update…many praises and we rejoice with you. And a sweet birthday…that brought tears!


  2. Such an encouraging update! The Birthday pics are priceless! We continue to pray daily for Amos as well as the rest of you! Praying for strength and stamina and for God’s provision on all levels! Love you guys ❤️


  3. Prayers for continued progress—even slow is still progress. What a very special little boy you have. What great inner strength he and you have to have managed these stressful years in two countries with multiple surgeries and treatments—and yes the stressful doctorate. Continued prayers for progress.

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. What a beautiful Birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Amos. The Gray family from Arkansas is praying for you sweet friend. God Bless and keep your light shining!!! Love always, Mighty Max


  5. What an uplifting event. Amos (our first “pseudo” grandchild looks wonderful, my dear friends). Is he going to be a an English “Firefighter”? So excited to see God working in such a powerful way. We miss you guys!


  6. Thanks for the great update. It looks like Amos had an unforgettable birthday, and you all look like you all were having a wonderful time. I praise the Lord for the way he has shown himself so strong through your family! We will continue to pray.


  7. So pleased everyone is doing well. We continue to pray for you all often. Jonny Jackie and Ben will be in Cambridge for two weeks from July 20 so no doubt you will meet up!


    Wes and Lyn Gibson

    Sent from my iPhone



  8. Thanks once again for taking time in your busy life to keep us all up to date. It is good to read about Amos’ strides and of course we will keep up our prayers to all of you. I can imagine you are looking forward to the day when Will’s dissertation is accepted and you all can take the next step. The pictures of the birthday party are so cute and the smiles tell the whole story. We also look forward to the tests that will take place in Calif and pray for sussesful events that will take place between now and then. Prayers to all of you as well as his caregivers and we will look forward to the next update.


  9. Dear Kelli,, Will, Amos, Lukey, and Sam,

    Thanks so much for thinking of and writing to us all. Happy Birthday, Amos!! What a great day you had! And many, many happy returns of this day!

    I’ve often marveled at children’s ability simply to “be” wherever they are, in nearly any circumstance. Some day, these three little men will look back and say, “Remember when we were in Cambridge and …”, and it will all–petrol, crisps, lorries, boots, bonnets, Wellies, and pints (well, perhaps not pints)–be simply the way it was … then and there. And that makes me wonder if thus it will be in heaven: “Remember when …” (but then with no regrets–no sighs, tears, sorrow–only joy and light and rejoicing).

    May the Lord bless Will’s writing, Amos’s surgeries, and you all with strength, patience, perseverance, and joy in these days of summer–may this be another good year.

    And may we breakfast together again soon.

    Best wishes and much love,

    fred (for us all)


  10. What great news to hear that Amos is doing so well.
    I loved all the photos of the Birthday party. I will be in the UK for a month end of June to the end of July, I hope I can get to see the family.
    I’m praying for you all, hope the dissertation goes well Will.
    Lots of love Eva xoxo


  11. This post warms my heart and makes me miss your precious family! Rejoicing with you as you celebrate Gods goodness.

    Happy birthday, Amos!!

    Hugs and love,
    Sarah, Rob, Claire & Emily


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