Happy 5th Birthday Amos!

Dear Friends and Family,

Today is Amos’s birthday and he is now a proud 5 year-old! We are amazed and thankful for our oldest boy, and find it hard to express all of the emotions we experience on milestone days like today. There is a lot that I could say but I am going to keep it short because tomorrow we have to wake up and leave for California!

Birthday Week

Amos had a “Pirate Birthday” last weekend with a number of friends here at the house that was a huge success. Kelli made Amos a fantastic Treasure Island cake and we enjoyed a few hours of good fun with our community here. Amos had a great time and certainly ate his share of cake! Then on Tuesday my mom and dad – Zazzy and Grandpop – made the trip over to spend a few days here in Cambridge celebrating Amos’s birthday, before we head off tomorrow, and they remain here for dad’s own birthday on Friday.

We had a great time with them doing fun things around town. We hit some of our favorite places like Wimpole Hall and the Botanical Gardens. Today we scheduled a riverboat ride, which naturally became a “Pirate Ship” along the River Cam here in town. We had a lovely time cruising up and down spotting swans and dodging rowers. Thank you to Paul and Victoria at Cambridge River Trips for making it so fun!

A number of you expressed to us how helpful it was for Kelli to describe Amos’s physical progress in the last post. So I took a video last weekend of Amos playing at the park to help give even more perspective. As you can see, he is moving very confidently, but is still not perfectly steady by any means. He often falls, although thankfully he rarely gets seriously hurt. It is amazing that this time last year Amos was not capable of walking far at all without holding someone’s hand.

California Schedule

As I mentioned, we leave for California tomorrow morning. This time, we are all going – yes, me, Amos, Kelli, Lucas, and wee Sam. Since it’s a bigger crew, we are staying for just over two weeks. We have also packed in a lot and much of it is important. Here’s the schedule so you can pray (all times PST):

  • 8 May – 7:30am MRI, 2:15pm Follow-up with Dr. Loudon (Neurosurgeon) 2:15pm
  • 9 May – 10:30am Oncology Clinic, 12:30pm Vocal Chord Scope
  • 10 May – 10:30am Ophthalmologist & Vision Therapy
  • 11 May – 1:00pm Accupuncture, 7:30pm Sleep Study (overnight)

Obviously, the big ticket item is the MRI on Monday. Please pray for another excellent result with no changes at all and clear images. You may also be able to tell that we are taking steps towards decannulation, which is taking the trach out. That is what the vocal chord scope is meant to determine, since the current diagnosis as of February is that his vocal chords are not opening as fully as they should. Until they do, the trach must remain. If the ENT is satisfied that the vocal chords are moving correctly, then that is the biggest hurtle before decannulation, the second being the sleep study. Amos has done these before and they are pretty miserable. Imagine having three dozen wires glued to your scalp, wrapped in gauze, and then being told to sleep with tubes stuck in your nose. The point is to monitor brain and respiratory activity during the night, since it is still unclear whether Amos is dealing with sleep apnea. It would be a huge blessing to have this trach come out on this trip, although we feel like it is a long shot, so please pray to that end!

Thankfully, we will also get some time for a break. The second week will hopefully hold more beach time and a few fun CA activities. Please pray for rest and enjoyment. We also plan to apply for a UK visa for Samuel on Friday so pray for a smooth process for that as well.

And now, some pictures!


The Ross Family

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Ps. 73:27

[click to enlarge]

9 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Amos!

  1. What a lovely day for a garden (not back yard) party. I didn’t even know you could have a river boat on the Cam. I’ve only seen punts. What a special memory that will be for Amos. We will arrive at Tyndale House about the same time you get back fro CA. Looking forward to meeting all of you!


  2. So incredible seeing him thrive over the past year! Happy Birthday Amos! Your parents look positively delighted to be there too😊


  3. Thank you once again for the update and pictures. We will continue to pray for a successful trip to Ca and look forward to the next update. In Gods love


  4. We love seeing all the sweet photos and are in prayer for Amos this week. Thank you for the update


  5. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated. Really wonderful pictures of you all, I hope I can see you this summer!
    I am praying that you have a very positive trip to California and that Amos’s tests turn out very well.
    You are all always in my heart.
    Lots of love,
    Eva xoxox


  6. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, Luke, and Sam,

    Thanks for this good report; may your travels be safe and a good time for all. We would wish for a breakfast visit; perhaps you can wave at PA as (if) you pass overhead.

    Much love from us all to you all.


    P.S. The video is great–what a lovely testimony to the many hours of hard work that you, Amos, and his therapists have put in, and to the grace of God that has brought all of this to pass.


  7. Dear Ross Family,

    It was so good to read the post and smile with you all. Happy Birthday Amos!! We have been praying daily for Amos for about 2.5 years. My daughter, Michaela, was born on 5/5/2010. So we take extra joy celebrating Amos’ big milestone!!
    Dear Lord Jesus, may your mighty hand be protecting the entire Ross family. Heal Amos’ body completely. Give him strength and joy. May you receive glory. We ask for clear great result with the MRI and the trach removal exams. You are in control and we trust in you. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  8. Happy Birthday dear Amos! So great to get the beautiful photos and especially the video. Many blessings to Amos and the entire family. Sending you lots of love and prayers!


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