Mid-July Updates

Hello Friends,

Thank you as always for keeping up. Your comments, messages, calls, and texts are always an encouragement! July is passing by very quickly – so much so that it feels like there’s a lot to report even since two weeks ago. I’ll get started by telling what some/most of you might know already from Facebook, and that is that we are expecting Baby Ross #3 this January!

We are tremendously thankful and excited for this new little life and look forward to meeting him or her early in the new year. As this will be our first child born in the United Kingdom, we’ve been happy to hear from friends that babies are the best type of souvenir to bring back after a PhD abroad :). We’ve also heard great things about having babies in the UK so we’ll report back on that! Both of the boys are excited, though Amos seems to have more awareness than Luke of course. I’ve been struggling with the usual morning sickness routine but I’m praying that there’s an end in sight! Please pray with us for a healthy baby and that I would feel better soon.

Amos has been quite busy of late. He’s carrying on with his usual rehab appointments each week, but we’ve added in another vision therapy appointment as well as speech therapy. He’s doing great with all of them but still has a lot of work to do. His eyes are improving but alignment still isn’t perfect, which means there’s potential for double vision and depth perception issues which are likely impeding his balance and mobility. So we are continuing to work on those eyes. Please pray that the vision therapy (and the upcoming prism lens glasses) will make a big difference and that Amos will continue to work hard on these things. We did have a fun appointment yesterday: Amos got his first haircut since chemo! What a blessing to see him sit in that seat and get a trim 🙂 He was pretty pleased too! I’ll include a picture at the end…

Daddy left for Germany yesterday for the rest of this week. He is presenting a paper at an academic conference in Wuppertal. It’s a fast trip considering how far away it is from California so please pray for Will’s safe travels and manageable jet lag.

We were also excited to get our re-application for UK visas finished this past weekend. Although we will have to go get our fingerprints and pictures taken when Will gets home on Sunday, this process is basically finished. Of course, they still need to get approved, which should happen some time in August. Please pray for no hitches with our visa applications so that we can go back to Cambridge as scheduled.

And lastly, a good friend of ours, Gene, has put together another fundraiser for Amos. We continue to be overwhelmed and blessed by all of the support that we have received from all of you in numerous ways. Your generous gifts from our last fundraiser in July 2015 have sustained us through these last 12 months along with help from family for basic living expenses. We are aware of how incredibly blessed we’ve been to be able to spend this year here in California focusing on Amos’ health and taking a break from literally everything else. The results are so evident in Amos’ recovery, and for this we couldn’t be more grateful! So many of the families we meet at CHOC do this under very different circumstances, so we can’t say thank you enough!

As we look at what’s next – moving back to Cambridge – we are faced with ongoing expenses that far exceed our means. If you would like to contribute towards these costs, it would be a huge blessing to our family and will directly benefit Amos. You can give securely online here, or send a (tax-deductible) donation by check to Cresheim Valley Church. Please write “Family Medical Fund” in the Memo line and mail to P.O. Box 4030, Chestnut Hill, PA 19118. Regardless, please pray that the Lord would supply for our financial needs for the coming year of Amos’s medical treatment.

Thank you and much love from the (growing) Ross Family!

In Christ,

Kelli, Will, Amos and Luke

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. I John 4:16

2016-07-18 15.26.06
The boys after their haircuts!
2016-07-18 15.26.34
Amos’ first haircut post-chemo

2016-07-17 11.21.18-1

5 thoughts on “Mid-July Updates

  1. Dear Kelli, Will, Amos, & Lucas,

    Congratulations! May the Next Generation of Rosses increase and abound! And may Amos and Lucas be big brothers who encourage their younger sibling in what is Good and Right and True in Christ. (Along with the usual mischief, and other joys of siblinghood.)

    May Amos continue to improve and strengthen, and your travels go well. And may we continue to rejoice in the good works of God in and through you all.

    Much love in Christ from our home to yours,

    fred (for all)


  2. So grateful to the Lord of All for this good report on Amos. I will pray for a happy healthy child for your family and of course-pray for relief from morning sickness ( it lasts all time sometimes). I am looking forward to meeting Amos when he comes to Abington. Linda said she would hopefully bring him to the office with his parents permission. He is such a beautiful child. Your ministry for the Lord is a mighty one and brings HIM great glory!! Blessings on all of you!


  3. Congrats on Baby #3!! Big families are so much fun! The boys look dapper in their new fresh cuts. I must say that Luke’s expression looks like Don!! Strong Ross genes😊 Always keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!


  4. Wow! Congratulations on the forthcoming arrival of #3- you’ve finally caught up with us ☺ Look forward to seeing you back in Cambridge. God bless, Mike


  5. Congratulations on your baby news!! Hoping all goes well in your journey back to U K. And of course we pray for Amos to continue to recover fully! Our best wishes as always…God bless.


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