June Already…

Hello Friends,

We’ve had a big week here! Thanks so much for praying for the MRI and swallow study this week. We are beyond grateful to report that both went very well. [ Insert HAPPY dance!! ] Amos’ MRI on Tuesday showed no changes or sign of disease. Our hearts are overjoyed and we are thanking the Lord for his continued hand of protection on Amos. The swallow study on Wednesday was a great success as well. Yay, again!! We’ve been working very hard with Amos and his therapists to help him get a complete and stronger swallow these past months. The imaging showed that both of those things have happened in full and we are so glad for this news.

What does this mean? Well, a few things. First, it means that Amos no longer needs his mic-key button in his tummy since he’s now cleared to eat and drink anything. Every time we get to take something out of Amos’ body because he no longer needs it, we are reminded of just how far Amos has come. It is always reason to rejoice and remember. We’ll hope to get the mic-key button out as soon as we make an appointment for it! Secondly, the successful swallow study means that Amos’ swallow has indeed gotten much stronger. This bodes well for the sleep study scheduled for the 30th so we will keep praying! And lastly, as of today, Amos has officially graduated from his twice-a-week feeding and swallowing therapy appointments!! We are so proud of Amos’ hard work and so thankful for Miss Annie and Miss Nicole who’ve been faithful partners to our sometimes willing and sometimes unwilling little man. We love you both!

So the appointment load lightens just a little bit! We will likely pick up a speech therapy session once a week since we incorporated that into the feeding and swallowing sessions but that won’t start for a few weeks yet. In the mean time, June is shaping up to be filled with important things for Amos. On June 15th Amos is having another eye surgery. Overall, Amos’ eyes are doing really well but they are still not centered, mostly just his right eye faces out. Both eyes have limited horizontal range of motion though so the goal of this second surgery will be to go in and loosen ever so slightly the muscles that were tightened on the first go-around. Please pray for Dr. Boisvert, Amos’ neuro-ophthalmologist. She is wonderful but has said many times that you never know what you’ll get with strabismus surgery. It’s a tweak and see how his muscles react sort of thing. She’s very conservative and we know Amos is in great hands. We’ll be getting medical clearance and have pre-op appointments for this surgery next week.

And lastly, the sleep study is scheduled for June 30th. This study will tell us whether Amos is ready for the trach to come out. Thank you for praying! In all things we continue to see the Lord’s kindness to Amos and our family. We’re excited to welcome Daddy back home tomorrow after his week away and endlessly thankful for Auntie Em’s help while he’s been away. I couldn’t have done it without her!!

Love in Christ,

Kelli, Will, Amos, and Lukey

5 thoughts on “June Already…

  1. We continue to celebrate our Lord’s faithfulness and precious Ross family! Way to go, Amos! Yay, God!!


  2. What great news. Have been out of Internet range for a few days and it was so good to come home and read this good news. We will look forward to reading more good news after the next tests. Keep up the good work Amos😎😎😎👏👏👏.


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