Please Pray for Amos Tonight During His Sleep Study!

Dear Friends and Family,

Just a quick post to ask you to all pray tonight at 7pm PST for Amos. We have managed to get a sleep study scheduled for him earlier than we had thought. He and Kelli will spend the night in a special lab at CHOC, as we’ve done before, to have Amos’ sleep monitored. Tonight’s test will determine whether the trach can finally come out for good. 

As background information, Amos has had several sleep studies over the last few months. These were mostly to determine whether he was breathing sufficiently during deep sleep and getting enough oxygen. At a certain point, we thought he needed to be on a ventilator at night. You can read about this here and here. In sum, although it has occasionally seemed like Amos hasn’t been breathing properly, it’s just as likely (or more so) that his poor results in the studies were due to him being sick with a cold or bronchitis, or inaccurate readings on the machines involved. For this reason, Amos has gone without the ventilator, but kept his trach to be safe. Another reason for keeping the trach has been his inability to swallow. But, as you may know, Amos is now swallowing capably and enjoying food again! A positive side effect is the ability to swallow his own spit and coughs (like everyone does) and so keep his airway clear.

Please pray that Amos will be able to sleep reasonably well with all of the sensors that have to be attached to him overnight. More importantly, pray that Amos will be able to breathe easily and steadily on his own without the help of his trach. Amos has been wearing a cap over his trach during the day since mid-December (see here), and he breathes normally without it very well now, although at night the cap comes off. Tonight’s test is to see whether he can sleep through the night while wearing the cap.

We feel positive that Amos could very well succeed tonight, but please join us in praying to that end!

Love in Christ,

Will, Kelli, Amos, and Lukeybear

I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustains me. Psalm 3:5

8 thoughts on “Please Pray for Amos Tonight During His Sleep Study!

  1. Have been praying for Amos and I will continue to pray, especially tonite as he has this sleep test. God bless your family….you’ve been through so much. You will come through this stronger. My prayer is that Amos will be cancer free for the rest of his life. What sweet boys you have. God bless! Carol Van Zee


  2. Thanks for letting us know about the sleep study and I will be praying. Melissa Miller has been sending me the e-mails. I am a friend of Linda’s. You are an inspiration to us as you have continually praised God and depended on Him. He is faithful!
    Jeanette and Ward Shaw


  3. May the Lord, who holds all things together with his mighty hand, bless Amos with sweet rest and healing. You all are in our prayers. Love, The Pellegri Family


  4. Hello, Praying for Amos and his sleep study tonight God Bless him, and may your family get through each and every day   Blessings, Cheryl (McMullan) and John Reitzel


  5. Dear Kelli & Amos,

    I trust that you had a restful night at CHOC and soon arise to successful tests and a trach-free life.

    Blessings in Christ!

    Love, from us all.



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