Amos Ross Update #50

Dear Friends,

As I sit down to write this update, I am overwhelmed by all the good things that have happened this week. Amos’ discharge seems like ages ago- in a good way. Wednesday, I kept expecting something to happen and for us not to go home for one reason or another. When I finally realized that we were going home, it was full speed ahead! It’s been a tiring week but a joyful and fun week. We have so much to be thankful for!

Our first few days home were a blur of figuring out how to do all of this on our own – at home- without the doctors and nurses checking up on us. Thankfully, we feel pretty comfortable with the amount of care Amos is requiring now and everything has gone smoothly, praise the Lord. Amos has done amazingly well with being home! We were told by several folks at the hospital not to worry if Amos seemed upset or unsettled by the change of leaving the hospital and everything there that had become so familiar to him. Amos likes routine so I was expecting him struggle a bit! Maybe it was the shiny red fire engine from Gigi and Grandpa…but he has done so amazingly well with the transition from the hospital back to the house! It’s such a joy to have him wake up in the mornings, and even from nap times, with big smiles and evident excitement that he’s at home with everyone. He’s sleeping well and continues to grow stronger each day. We’ve been especially encouraged by his verbal abilities- he’s saying more and more each day. We continue to praise the Lord for the incredible gift of bringing Amos home.

Having the boys together again has been a huge blessing as well. It’s fun to see them interact, and it’s nothing short of amusing to see them struggle to readjust to one another. This is more applicable for Luke since he grew quite used to functionally being an only child. He shows quite the flair for the dramatic when one of his beloved parents or grandparents holds Amos- giving him full attention. Luke loves to wail and throw himself face-down on the ground. The poor wee lamb is having to learn some of the difficult lessons of life. Good thing he’s so stinkin’ cute when he’s upset! To be honest, it’s not always cute and it won’t always be easy but for now, having the boys together at all is a delight. Please pray for the four of us as we adjust to being together again. And for Gigi and Grandpa to have many crowns in heaven as they put up with us all!

One other delight was being able to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Grandpa! We never thought we’d be here for your birthday this year but we are thankful for the chance to share today. Amos is a huge fan of birthdays and even though he wasn’t able to share the cake, he didn’t seem to mind.

Here are some pictures from the week! Thank you for praying for us.

enjoying time outside
enjoying time outside

Amos being "Dr. Amos" with his most readily available patient.
Amos being “Dr. Amos” with his most readily available patient.
Luke and Gigi make a good pair!
Luke and Gigi make a good pair!
This picture makes us laugh- poor Luke feels the loss of limelight acutely.
This picture makes us laugh- poor Luke feels the loss of limelight acutely.
Lukey not sharing Daddy
Lukey not sharing Daddy- pr his orange

In Christ,

Kelli, Will, Amos and Luke.

“The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.” Psalm 12:18photo 2(4)

A rare moment of sharing Gigi
A rare moment of sharing Gigi
Happy Birthday Grandpa! Amos is pretty thrilled with your present...
Happy Birthday Grandpa! Amos is pretty thrilled with your present…

One thought on “Amos Ross Update #50

  1. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    Your post about Amos’s homecoming (and homebeing) make me wonder if adjustment may not be the sine qua non of life–adjusting to a new day, a new job, a new home, a new school, a new …, which makes me wonder also if the ability to adjust is a skill that we (I) need to work on. There is a lovely song by Over The Rhine, one of our favourite indie groups (a husband-wife duo), “Changes Come. It ends with:

    Changes come,
    Turn my world around
    Changes come,
    Bring the whole thing down

    Jesus come,
    Turn the world around
    Lay my burden down
    Turn this world around
    Bring the whole thing down
    Bring it down


    Her voice is so lovely, it’s great just to listen.

    Blessings on you all, and Happy Birthday to Gigi!

    Much love from us all to you all,



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