Wednesday, August 17th Amos Update #42

Dear Friends and Family,

It is a wonderful thing to write these words: We are officially over halfway finished with Amos’ radiation treatment! Praise the Lord for his sustaining hand. Yes, as of Tuesday’s treatment we hit number seventeen out of thirty-three, and Amos continues to be energetic and positive, despite the typical trend of severe fatigue around this time in the therapy’s time table. As a result, we have had a good week thus far, with Amos making further progress in his rehabilitation effort. Here are some of the highlights of the week.

On Sunday evening Amos opened a very special present from Zazzy and Grandpop (my parents) celebrating the completion of his third week of radiation – it was a bubble gun! Amos loves bubble-blowing, and since he isn’t really able to do much of that right now with the trach in, the bubble gun was a huge hit. We set it up and he let ‘er rip full blast aimed, naturally, right at me, which he thought was hilarious. It took quite a while to clean up the mountains of bubbles lying around and wash the soap off my glasses and out of my hair!

Monday was a great day too, despite Amos’ continuing issues with getting consistent sleep (in fact, this is the opposite problem of fatigue, isn’t it?), and a very upset ride across the street in the ambulance. He can be very unpredictable with that part of his day, getting angry and thrashing the entire time on the way there but then giggling and playing with the EMTs on the way back. Pray that we would learn how to help him feel comfortable during his transport and get good nurses to help! During Monday’s speech therapy Amos was able to say some more words, such as “Hi,” “Okay,” and “me.” He’s also working on animals sounds like “moo” and “baa,” etc.

The most amazing part of Monday, however, was when Amos got to ride a red tricycle! This was something his occupational therapist had been dangling in front of him as motivation. Amos got a red bike for his third birthday and loves it dearly, so the prospect of riding a red bike again was very effective, and he finally got to do it. He was so proud of himself and all the doctors were flabbergasted at his vigor! That’s my boy. One of the best parts of the red bike, too, is that it has a lovely bell to ring, just like Mommy and Daddy’s bikes in Cambridge.

20150818_180531771_iOSMonday night was a better night of sleep, and Tuesday was a good day as well. Although Amos missed his nap, he managed to triple his distance on the bike when it (finally!) was time to get on it again. He circled the oncology floor three times entirely on his own steam, wowing everyone he passed. As if that weren’t enough to tire him out, he also walked the entire floor once around using his walker, which was much further than he’d gone before. Part of what helped him get on the move so well, I am certain, was the fact that he was much more dressed and put together than he’s been for a while, including his excellent red Converse, as you can see in the picture. Amos also had fun drawing later in the day with some markers, working on a picture that he will be sending to a very good friend of his whose birthday it was that day.

Tuesday night was much better in terms of sleep, and Wednesday morning’s ambulance ride and radiation went flawlessly and without disturbance for Amos. 20150819_224553024_iOSIt was a quieter day as Amos got a good nap in midday, which meant that occupational therapy gave him a break from his bike riding. He also received his acupuncture treatments today as he got a foot massage – deluxe! It was probably for the better, though, as Amos has been working so hard this week that he deserved some down time. Instead, Amos spent a few hours drawing and coloring with Mommy, basking in the afternoon sun that shines so strongly through his window. And, of course, Amos got in some music time, sitting up all on his own in the big chair, strumming his ukulele. All in all, not a bad day at all!

We are so thankful for Amos’ continued progress. Thank you for praying for him! Please continue by praying:

  • That Amos would continue in good spirits and with energy for the second half of radiation therapy
  • That he would be able to wind down and sleep steadily and peacefully each night, and even nap during the day
  • That Amos’ radiation and shunt site at the back of his head would not break down or bleed due to the irritation, which could necessitate delay of radiation until it heals
  • That Amos would continue to gain strength and coordination in every way, physically and mentally
  • That the radiation therapy would be delivered with perfect accuracy every time, and that it would flawlessly accomplish its purpose without side effects
  • That Amos would ultimately be and remain completely cancer free upon completion of his radiation treatments

Thank you, dear friends.

 And blessed be His glorious name forever; And may the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen, and Amen. Ps. 72:19

Love in Christ,

Will, Kelli, Amos and Luke

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 17th Amos Update #42

  1. I love reading Amos updates!! Thank you for sharing your faith and joy though this process. Prayers and thanksgiving continue, from way over in Georgia too! 🙂

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  2. So thankful for another good report. “Lord, the King finds joy in Your strength. How greatly he rejoices in Your victory! You have given him his heart’s desire and have not denied the request on his lips.” Psalm 21:1,2

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  3. So encouraged by your positive attitude and your faith in Our Holy Lord. Everyday is a miracle. Some if us see each day as such and those without the Lord can have severe struggles. Without the Lord this “season” with your precious son would speak so differently. Your/our prayers are being answered and you are shining a light for Christ in your/our world. Lord continue to bless you and yours especially Amos. I am originally from Newton, Iowa; friends of your grandparents and privileged to be a prayer warrior for you Rosses. Love in Christ.

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  4. Praising the Lord with you for the report of these good days… amazed at the picture of him strumming! Praise God! Love you all dearly – continuing in prayer for your rest and coping as well… may you continue to see His overwhelming love for you both and for your boys. Amen and Amen.

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  5. Wonderful to hear that Amos is doing so well.
    Love the pictures, what a handsome lad.
    I pray daily for Amos’s continued recovery.
    Love you guys.
    Eva xoxoxo

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