Thursday July 23, Amos Update #27

Family and Friends,
     Please remember to sign up for updates through to keep up with how Amos is progressing. Tomorrow is our last update through email and Facebook before we transition completely to the website! Enter your email address at the right of the site to get automatic updates when we post them. Thanks to all who have already!
     Today was a good, full day for Amos and us. Last night was very active and not all too restful for Kelli as Amos was doing a lot of limb and even body movement. In the last thirty-six hours we have seen major improvements in Amos’ overall physical abilities, which we suspect is partly due to his drive to get moving again. For a three year-old, it must be so frustrating to want to get up and go! That is what we have started to see with Amos. Today we had visits from speech, physical, and occupational therapists (and would have seen the “music therapist” too if Amos hadn’t been napping). Amos is only making faint noises when his is very upset. So speech therapy will progress quite slowly, especially as we are not certain whether his vocal chords have recovered, and to what extent his posterior fossa syndrome is hampering his speech.
     In physical and occupational therapy Amos did some wonderful things today, however. This morning he sat up with assistance, was able to grab a big mallet, and bang on a drum! Amos loves to drum, and it was such a pleasure to see him going after this thing. He also got to lie on his tummy a while, and he was able to draw up his legs to his tummy and even flip over entirely on his own steam. When he was sitting in a big foam chair a bit later, Amos had a full-blown session of catch with Grandpa. Amos was grabbing a little stress ball, winding up, and really winging it to Grandpa. He went on like that for about ten minutes! What a blessing to see Amos having genuine fun again.
     Friends, the Lord is truly answering our prayers for Amos. He is growing stronger each day and making great strides. Let’s pray for more major progress before Monday when radiation begins! Please pray also:
– That Amos would be free from infections and secondary health issues that would make things any more difficult
– That Amos’ vocal chords and cough and gag reflex would return more and more until they are fully restored
– That Amos would continue to enjoy and benefit from his therapy sessions each day
– That radiation, which begins Monday morning, would go extremely well, with minimal side effects and complete success eliminating any trace of cancer forever
– That Amos would know the Lord’s presence and peace through each moment of his recovery
God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. (1 Cor. 1:9)
     In Him,
           Will, Kelli, Amos and Luke

4 thoughts on “Thursday July 23, Amos Update #27

  1. Dear Will, Kelli, Amos, & Lucas,

    Thanks for this great and encouraging report–“winging” the ball sounds like a tremendous advance. I was thinking a few days ago how confusing it must be that he can’t just get up and do what he has been used to doing every day (run, play with his beloved brother, build with blocks), i.e., applying all that energy to whatever comes to hand. It is good to hear that some of this is coming back.

    May the Lord continue to encourage your hearts (and ours) with such improvements.

    in Christ,

    fred (for us all)

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