A Clear Scan

Praise the Lord for this news and thank you for all of the prayers! Amos had his MRI this morning at Duke followed by a meeting with his oncology team. The scan shows no recurrence of cancer and we are so grateful! My initial reaction, after getting the “all-clear” from Will, who is with Amos … More A Clear Scan

MRI on Wednesday

Hello friends and family, Happy new year! We hope that 2020 is off to a good start for each of you, being filled with God’s mercy and guidance. We are somewhat surprised, excited, and dismayed that another MRI is upon us. The emotions vary by the hour (!) but we are grateful for so many … More MRI on Wednesday

Hospital Toy Delivery!

Dear Friends and Family, Thank you so much for your amazing generosity!!! It’s been so fun to receive your packages this week and then to deliver them today, along with donations from the boys’ school friends here in Charlotte. We were able to fill two radio-flyer wagons (children’s hospital mainstays!) and then some with your … More Hospital Toy Delivery!

Merry Christmas!

Hello All and Merry Christmas from the Ross Family! We hope this season finds you and yours well. I don’t have much to report by way of “Amos Updates” but I wanted to hop on here and share a holiday tradition and an invitation to participate! This time of year is very special for us … More Merry Christmas!

Autumn, Finally!

Dear Friends and Family, Hello! We hope you’re doing well and enjoying the change of season. We have only recently left behind 90+ degree temps here in North Carolina and we are loving the cooler days and autumn colors. We last updated back in June, which seems like forever ago! Since then, the most important … More Autumn, Finally!